Aquila came to SHUG on the last flight from Qatar before the CDC dog ban went into effect this past
This week SHUG had two events planned. We cancelled one and are going ahead with the other. As the director,
For your dog, 18 months can be (literally) a lifetime. The old adage about one human year being equal to
Tired of the same old auctions? You want to help...but you have no more room for stuff? We feel your
Dogs are children who never grow up. They will never help out around the house or do chores. They will
Mick the Borzoi.
People ask me all the time if adoption fees are tax deductible. For that you have to ask an accountant.
I would love to close the door on this year and never look back. Can we just pretend 2020 was
Last night Sunny arrived in her foster home in Indiana after 68 hours of travel. This sweet little brindle girl
We're getting many of the same questions over and over again so here are some FAQs to help get out
I love broken legs. I know how that sounds, but hear me out. Broken legs are an obvious problem with