The SHUG 2021 Bad Art Fundraiser

Tired of the same old auctions? You want to help...but you have no more room for stuff? We feel your pain! So here's a whole new kind of fundraiser for your enjoyment...

Join our facebook group and post a pic of your pet. Make a $10 donation to SHUG and one of our really horrible artists will produce a Bad Art Pet Portrait and upload it as a comment on your post. You can download the image and use it as your profile pic, wallpaper, or whatever you'd like!

The month isn't even halfway done and we've already spent $4872.03! But we've gotten a lot done, so it's worth it! Cyrus, the saluki boy in our example pic had a luxating patella and torn ACL repaired, and our four new galgos (Lola, Candy, Límite, and Agent Kay) have all had their blood tests, vaccinations, and been spayed/neutered. Help us help them--and have some fun! Post your pic and send in your donation and sit back to bask in the glorious Bad Art that results! ❤

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