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Borzois – The Original Cold Weather Sighthound

It's Borzoi week at the Sighthound Underground! Have you met Flower? Were you wowed by Marcus? Well, guess what? Two more young Borzoi boys have landed at SHUG HQ. Two big beautiful red boys we’re calling Red and [caption id="attachment_236" align="alignright" width="225"]The new Borzoi boys. That's Copilot on the right. Or is... 			
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Pilar – The Dog Thrown Down the Well

[caption id="attachment_216" align="alignright" width="300"]The lovely Pilar The lovely Pilar[/caption] Some of you may remember Pilar, the beautiful white fuzzy Galgo who was thrown down a well in her native Spain. Once Pilar was rescued from the well, she went to Galgos del Sol in Murcia, one of the...
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Pool Time for Pups

You might have seen the videos on our Facebook page – cute dogs in bright yellow flotation vests paddling around an indoor pool while being cheered on by their foster parents.   [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignright" width="225"]Zaina is not sure about the water, but gets the hang of it in later sessions. Read more

Mariposa – A Galgo Puppy Update

You may remember Mariposa AKA the cutest fawn puppy ever and one of the very first SHUGer Babies! She was adopted by Rachel Guthrie and Kyle Kuba of Rochester, N.Y.   [caption id="attachment_105" align="alignright" width="225"]Mariposa -- All grown up! Mariposa -- All grown up![/caption] Mariposa was born in Spain and...
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