Message From the Director: Many Voices

We are a voice for the Galgos . . . and we are not alone. Will you join us? Starting February 1st, we are making it easier than ever. In honor of World Galgo Day, the Sighthound Underground is lowering our adoption fee for all international rescues to $650.


worldgalgodayEvery day more and more voices join ours in telling the world the Galgos' story. Sometimes our voices break with tears, sometimes they dissolve into helpless laughter. Sometimes we ask for help and sometimes just for acknowledgement of their plight. Our goal is to hear even more voices raised with ours by making adoption economically feasible for more families.


This time of year is especially difficult for those on the front lines of the rescue effort in Spain. There are so many Galgos who need their help and they must deal with very real limits on their resources. You may have read about the 40 Galgos recently at the Badajoz Perrera. What can we do to help those 40 dogs? We can make room for them by helping to adopt out 40 dogs that are currently in shelters in Spain right now.


So that is our goal for 2014. SHUG would like to find homes for 40 Galgos this year. Last year we placed 30, so this is not an impossible goal.


What are we doing to achieve that goal? Two things. First, we are raising money to bring dogs to the United States. Second, we are lowering our adoption fee to make adopting a Galgo easier for the people who love them. Our hope is that we can continue this program throughout the year, but of course that will depend on our funds.


Alatriste is one of the Galgos waiting for a new home.
Alatriste is one of the Galgos waiting for a new home.

If you are interested in adopting please visit our online application. If you can't adopt now but would like to still help a Galgo find their home, please consider making a tax deductible donation. There's a button on this page and on our website. Or email us at for more information.


Two Galgos arrived this past Saturday, only 38 more to go! Be sure to check out our album of Dogs on the Way. We hope to add to it soon.


When we raise our voices together, we do make a difference.


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    1. Not necessarily. It depends on the dog. We are also OK with folks without a yard, if they leash walk and have access to a secure place to run on occasion.