Back in 2012, when SHUG was young (and so were we!) we made our supporters a promise. SHUG is a
One of the most common points of confusion when it comes to dogs with jobs, is the difference between service
UPDATED 17 JULY 2023 Mildred is a senior whippet who has had a very rough life but is still kicking.
If you've been following Aquila's journey, you know he found his forever home in April. A month after his adoption,
UPDATED 14 DEC 2022 Eileen is a petite galgo from the south of Spain. The local vet estimated her age
UPDATED 17 MAY 2023 Sammy and Cash are 14 year old Italian Greyhound brothers who will only be adopted together.
UPDATED 17 SEP 2023 Mora is an 8 year old Galgo from Spain. She was rescued from poor conditions by
UPDATED 17 SEP 2023 Juliet is a 3 year old girl from Korea. She's under 40lbs and small for a
When the rescue community received the news that the CDC was banning dogs from over 100 countries, there was a
UPDATED 17 MAY 2023 JJ is a senior saluki mix (with either GSD or Husky) who ended up in a