Celebrating “Eat Your Veggies” Day

We’re not making this up. It really is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. But we’re not going to lecture you about a good diet. We’re going to lecture your dog.

Pups – your ancestors may have been carnivores, but vegetables and fruits can be good for you, too. So listen up to these suggestions:

Potatoes (regular or sweet). Eat these boiled or baked and cut into wedges. What the hell -- mashed with a teeny bit of butter won’t hurt you either.

Broccoli. Microwaved or steamed until crisp but tender is just right. It can be given as a little treat or tossed into dinner for a bit of green.

Carrots. Baby carrots can be eaten raw on occasion as a little treat. Or they can be cooked in boiling water or steamed and added to your regular food.

Green beans. Unsalted canned beans or cooked in boiling water and then added to food when cooled are yummy. For those pups who might need to lose a few pounds, your folks can swap out some green beans for an equal volume of dry kibble without you feeling hungry (and grumpy and deprived and all that).

Apples. A raw wedge is an awesome treat. Don’t mooch the core, though -- the seeds aren’t good for you.

Blueberries and Cranberries. These are a good source of vitamins and antioxidants, plus cranberries are good if you’re having pee problems. Blueberries can be given as a raw treat. Cranberries can be stewed and cooked until tender and added to your dog food.

Pumpkin. This is a good source of fiber and beta-carotene. Make sure your folks get plain, canned pumpkin, not pumpkin-pie filling. A couple of tablespoons helps if you’re getting mushy poops.

Watermelon. So sweet. So juicy. So great for dogs. We promise. Make sure your folks take out the seeds first.

Oh, and to the humans in the house, go ahead and help yourself! The dogs don't mind sharing!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating “Eat Your Veggies” Day
  1. Meri and Phil definitely enjoy many items on this list! Especially watermelon, they like to clean out the rinds of the parts I’m unable to cut out and they love mashed potatoes, but mostly when they get to “do the dishes!”

  2. My last greyhound would eat raw radishes (he actually picked them out of the garden and left the leaves!), kale, swiss chard, etc..
    He was on a V-Dog kibble diet and thrived on it. He once turned down a liver treat during a vet check-up! I told them he’s vegan. 😉