(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — A Belated Happy International Puppy Day

March 23rd was, apparently, International Puppy Day. We missed it! Oops. Our bad. The appropriate SHUG volunteer has been disciplined with puppy poop duty. In the meantime, in honor of puppies needing homes everywhere, we present Merri, a recently adopted SHUG puppy. She is an Ibizan Hound from Spain and two of her littermates will soon be flying across the ocean in search of a new home in America. We thought we'd give you advance warning.

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4 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — A Belated Happy International Puppy Day
  1. I don’t get it. Why are they breedinjg Ibizens in Spain if they can’t sell them there? how j=much does it cost to ship puppies—& how is this different from being a broker?

  2. Robyn — Ibizan hounds, like galgos, are bred and used by hunters in Spain and then discarded, abused, abandoned and sometimes killed when they are no longer useful. We work with several shelters and rescues in Spain to save these worthy dogs and help them find loving homes here in the U.S. Our colleagues in Spain are also trying to work with the hunters, schools, the public and local authorities to raise awareness about the dogs’ plight and to try to reduce the level of breeding and abuse.