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Foster Friday Photobomb!

zaraThe beautiful Zara-the-Saluki would like to say . . . we interrupt this caption to say that photobomber Luke-the-galgo would like to say Hi . Zara would like to continue and to say she is a fabulous dog and available for adoption. Luke would...
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Checking In On . . . Faridah-the-Saluki

[caption id="attachment_1736" align="alignright" width="300"]faridah Babies being rescued in the desert.[/caption] It was hot and dirty and mom was doing her best to raise Faridah and his three brothers in the desert all alone.   Fortunately, volunteers found them before heat and thirst threatened the little Saluki family and they were...
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Two Bumpy Puppies Need Someone to See The Beauty Within

Dora and Davey are going through, shall we say, an awkward period. The three-month-old littermates were born in the U.S. to a Saluki mom from Kuwait. Of the six unexpected puppies, these two – and their rather severe case of demodectic mange -- were surrendered to SHUG.   First off – this type of mange is not...
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