This week's blog brought to you by the letter Z.   A is for adorable but Z is for Zaina!
Your Sighthound can never go off-leash in an unfenced area. EVER. And we really, really mean that. It's Sighthound 101.
Dear Viewer: Please do not laugh at me. I am a very scary dragon. I'm working up to the whole fire-breathing
Awwww. You have to admit, these colorful dogs of uncertain breeding are super cute. And they are an important way
Many Sighthound owners have well documented collar obsessions.   If your Greyhound has never worn the same collar to a
If you've been paying attention, this story will sound familiar. A Saluki was hit by a car and left for
Why does SHUG bring puppies over from Spain and the Middle East for adoption to homes in North America? We