The Scores Are In – Sighthound Roaching Competition Results!



Athletes from around the world are meeting in Sochi, Russia their living rooms to test their skills against the best of the best. It’s true – they’ve been training their whole lives to achieve the flair, athleticism and endurance necessary to achieve perfection in their flat-on-their-back and all legs in the air maneuver.


Layback Spin

Layback Spin

So take a look at the eight finalists in the first annual Olympic Sighthound Roaching Competition. You be the judge. Which maneuver gets your vote for the gold? Is it the McTwist? Or maybe you prefer the Manitoba Tuck (it’s a curling term, look it up!).


Give us your vote in the comments below and we’ll announce the winner soon!




medalAnd we have a winner!! The McTwist gets the gold. Closely behind, clinching silver, is the Double Toe Loop and tied for Bronze is the Four-Point Takeoff and Reverse Rotational Lift. Thanks for playing!


Reverse Trough

Reverse Trough







Double Toe Loop

Double Toe Loop

Manitoba Tuck Hey! Where did he come from?

Manitoba Tuck
Hey! Where did he come from?









Lay Tuck Full

Lay Tuck Full


Four-Point Takeoff

Four-Point Takeoff










Reverse Rotational Lift

Reverse Rotational Lift


19 Responses

  1. Tracey McLaurin

    Even though I’m torn between two, I have to go with the McTwist! That’s some fete of athleticism! LOL

  2. paddy holt

    Difficult to make a choice – even more difficult to stop laughing … but it HAS to be the Reverse Rotational Lift <3

  3. Double Toe Loop, but they all are toooo cute!!!!

  4. Emily

    Definitely the “reverse rotational lift” The others are all definitely good, however if the contest is “best impression of a dead roach,” the tongue lol is the clincher 🙂

  5. Bonnie Mayo

    While I really love the “reverse trough”, I have to give my vote to the “double toe-loop”!

  6. Kitty

    I was going to go for the double toe loop but the open mouth, eyes open and rolled back and tongue out on the reverse rotational lift gets my vote for sure.

  7. Rebecca Kaselow

    Greyt moves! McTwist wins my vote with the Double Toe Loop 2nd. Of course, the Reverse Rotational Lift is the silliest and most likely to be seen at my house:)

  8. Maegan Dominguez

    The Four-Point Takeoff!!!

  9. Dan

    Four=Point Takeoff

  10. Judi Bird

    My favorite is Four-Point Takeoff

  11. Sue B

    McTwist and the Reverse Rotational Lift. Their agility is sometimes amazing 🙂

  12. Susan

    The Manitoba Tuck! His direct eye contact, unabashed confidence, and lack of humility make him the winner!

  13. denise

    Mc Twist is my vote. They are flexible

  14. Kelly

    I really like the perfect form of the layback spin but I have to give my vote to double toe loop, that is some serious team work roaching!

  15. We like the “Double Toe Loop”, being that it appears to be a pairs event. They look fairly synchronized, which is a challenge in itself for pairs. Individual events ways have flair, but pairs take more skill to meet the judges requirement.

    Skill: 9.3
    Execution: 9.5
    Difficulty: 9.4

  16. David

    I hate these judged events but I’ll go with the McTwist.

  17. Susan WhoDat Fischer

    Voting for double toe loop roach but confess to bring totally biased on this one <3

  18. Travis Parker

    Wait a minute, that’s a Beans!

  19. Susan Fischer

    I’m guessing I can collect our silver medal when I collect Impy in Florida LOL

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