Checking In With . . . Flower

Flower 1.0

Flower 1.0

She was the perfect girl right from the start – lying quietly in the back of the SHUG-mobile with four Borzoi boys, three of whom still had original equipment. But she stayed properly out of the fray, didn’t make so much as a peep and looked so lovely in her martingale with the big fabric peony. So the Borzoi who had never been in a home, never been on a leash and never had a name became Flower.


Flower had a lot to learn. She wasn’t good on walks. She was a bit scared of new situations and new people (although she loved children). Stairs were problematic.


But she was beautiful and there we many admirers. Tina’s application rose to the top of many for Flower and she came to get her girl from SHUG HQ in August. It was a perfect match from the start. Flower went home to join a Sighthound pack with an experienced owner who,frankly, got a little crazy with the camera (as you can see).


Flower 2.0

Flower 2.0

This is what Tina has to say today about Flower:


We are very much in love with our little girl, she is sweet and dainty and regal all at the same time. She has her favorite spot on the couch and a comfy chair in my computer room. She sleeps next to me every night, either curled up in a small ball, or completely stretched out upside down! She loves the kitty, and is quite playful with her, but she does respect her and tries to contain her excitement. Flower fits in well with my pack, and really likes my young boy, Lacota, who is only three. All three greyhounds have accepted her without question to the pack.
We are working on grooming with her, she is afraid of the brush, so we do it for a minute or two every day. She is getting her adult coat, and it is so curly and beautiful I'm so excited to see how long it will get!
I took Flower to Dewey for the experience and exposure. On Thursday she was really confused, she had on a new spook harness and we immediately had to buy her a rain coat, which thoroughly scared her too. But we carried on and she did well. Learning to potty on the leash took some time, but I mostly blame the high winds that made the leash flap and bang into her.
Flower 3.0

Flower 3.0

By Friday night she was the queen of the condo, and used to all the people coming and going. She also did well at the Ice Cream Social, in an x-pen next to me while I worked, and she never made a move to try to get out of it. Before we left we took her to the beach, and she got wound up spinning me in circles over the sand and the water, and chasing the blowing foam.

Flower is always very playful. At home she plays with any toy she can find and my yard looks like we have 10 kids! In the spirit of full disclosure, though, she has not hesitated to tell us what she thinks about the concept of muzzling her. She has eaten four of them in protest.

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  1. Sue

    You are both so very lucky to have found each other! Best wishes for a very long companionship 🙂

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