From the Director: Inch by Inch

No one knows where he came from, but somehow this sweet Greyhound boy found himself in a kill shelter overseas. He had open wounds, intestinal parasites, and heart worms -- and his story could have ended there. But this lucky boy found a group of Sighthound lovers who helped him find his way to North...
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The Scores Are In – Sighthound Roaching Competition Results!

[caption id="attachment_1036" align="alignleft" width="194"]McTwist McTwist[/caption] Athletes from around the world are meeting in Sochi, Russia their living rooms to test their skills against the best of the best. It’s true – they’ve been training their whole lives to achieve the flair, athleticism and endurance necessary to achieve perfection in...
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Drivers Wanted!

Here at the Sighthound Underground we've gotten pretty good at smuggling transporting dogs. They come from all over the world and travel all over the country. Many of our dogs take to the skies to make their trips home, but for some that final destination comes at the end of a long car trip.   And that's...
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