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Foster Friday – Reyna

Remember Reyna, our little galga runner? She spent several days exploring the wilds of Dumfries, Va., earlier this year. Lured back into our arms (literally) by the scent of frying bacon, Reyna has flourished since she's been back with her foster mom. They go on daily walks and Reyna has even (gasp!) let a...
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First Person: Tamar the Therapy Galgo

I knew when I adopted her she was something special. I have owned four dogs in my life -- beagle, lab and greyhound, but she was different. She has the greatest temperament. Nothing rattles her. She loves everyone and all dogs. I always wanted to do more activities with my dogs. I did many meet and...
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Versace – How A Community Caught A Loose Galgo

As many of you know, one of our recently adopted Galgos went on the lam last week. While exploring his new home, Versace figured out how to open a storm door and slipped through before his adopters could grab him. He ended up in the Palisades section of Washington D.C. just above the Potomac...
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