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This is not your dog.

Once a potential adopter complained about my terrible "customer service". Recently a man likened the experience of adopting a dog to buying a car.
Oh. Hell. No.
I explained to both gentlemen, very firmly, that they were sadly mistaken. They are neither clients nor customers. They are not buying and I am not selling. I...
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Update on Application Processing Time

As the holidays approach, the world slows down. It happens in the Federal government, in the commercial sector, and--sometimes most dramatically--here in volunteer land. Suddenly there are many fewer hands available to transport, to foster, and to process applications. And that's okay. If you're an adopter waiting for your application to be processed. CHILL OUT. It's November....
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We called. You answered.

Only two days after her arrival, little Miss Elle broke her leg badly going down the stairs of her foster home. Volunteers rushed her to the vet where we were told she would need surgery to attach a metal plate to the bone. The original estimate for the surgery was $6500--plus the $800 bill that...
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Eternity. 363 days. Same difference.

[caption id="attachment_5461" align="alignleft" width="225"]Joe picked up in WV, March 12, 2016 Joe picked up in WV, March 12, 2016[/caption]
Yesterday the SHUG family lost Joe, aka White Squirrel. (Yes, really. His racing name was White Squirrel and he was awesome.) Tomorrow would have been Joe's one year anniversary with...
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