This week SHUG had two events planned. We cancelled one and are going ahead with the other. As the director,
UPDATED 15 SEPTEMBER 2021 Agent Kay from MIB is the debonair senior agent who teaches the younger agents the ropes.
For your dog, 18 months can be (literally) a lifetime. The old adage about one human year being equal to
Tired of the same old auctions? You want to help...but you have no more room for stuff? We feel your
This sweet, handsome hunk of a boy is on the big side for a galgo. Límite is a quiet boy
Updated 13 AUGUST 2021 Lola is a young galga, probably between 1-2 years old. She was brought into Paradise Rescue
Updated 12 AUGUST 2021 In January Candy arrived at Paradise Rescue Kennels with her puppies. She was very thin and
Updated 10 AUGUST 2021 Danni is a greyhound puppy rescued by Team Inch in Korea. Born in January, she is
Updated 4 August 2021 Aquila will NOT be placed in a home with children. He's obviously been treated poorly in
There was a timeline in my head. I saw my daughter going off to college and the collapse of Greyhound