Yes, we are crazy.

Tofe is on his way to Chicago.

Have you ever driven 12 hours for a dog? Have you ever flown across country and then driven 16 hours for a dog? If the answer is yes, you may be a SHUG person.

Yes, we are crazy. We are delusional, we are paranoid, and we are completely okay with that.

This week SHUG dogs are moving Spain to California and Chicago and Wyoming and from Chicago to Texas to Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii.

Marcelino is on his way to Hawaii.

There are crazy SHUG volunteers who have already started their journeys and who won't be home until next week. Because dogs. We take off of work, drive through the day and night, and just generally do crazy things on a semi-regular basis.

Thank you, David. Thank you, John and Alisha. Thank you, Valerie. Thank you, Cindy and Beverley. Thank you George, Joann, and Lynda. Thank you, Jana and Emily and Venita. You guys all rock. You're absolutely crazy, but you totally rock!

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