Wordless Wednesday: A Snaggle of Sighthounds?

5 Responses

  1. Susan

    A sherd, perhaps? A snack? A shock of sighthounds?

  2. tracy

    A snuggle of signhouds, of course.

  3. Nancy Warren

    A Snuggle?

  4. Marianne Verpent


  5. The initial few weeks were focused on breaking them to their home, where we grew
    to enjoy them and found out about their personalities, but once that they settled in, they
    began rampaging down and up the stairs everyday – and that is nice until
    they decided to go “scat cat” and rip the wallpaper, dig in the carpets, and spend
    until morning meowing and crying for your attention. My dog and cat are my Comfort
    Zone and I thank the Lord for giving me such splendid
    creature comforts. The show gets repeated
    because SOMEONE (that might be moi) keeps removing The Offering and flipping it back into the cat dish.

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