The Story of the Haunted Pet Store

No, this is not the scary part.

No, this is not the scary part.

Tonya Christiansen’s Must Love Dogs pet store in Michigan is bright and modern-looking with the latest food, beds and cute pet stuff. But it's also located in a 140-year-old building. And things in the store keep falling and moving. All by themselves. A dog mannequin even tipped off a table with no one around to touch it.

So Tonya did what everyone does in such a situation – she called in the Ghostbusters. Well, actually, she brought in paranormal experts. They did an investigation and did a recording that captured an EVP – electronic voice phenomenon – of a man’s voice saying “I could’ve had her." No one knows what that means.

Now for the really spooky part. Tonya has a security camera in the store. In this video no one is in the store and then . . . well, see for yourself.

It may not look like much but these are tutus are tulle and they all stick together. They are hard to tip and even harder to tip without them all falling. It was, Tonya said, as if someone tipped them halfway up but that is hard to do without all of them falling.

Neither is this.

Neither is this.


But Tonya says she doesn’t really mind the ghostly antics. The dogs don’t act nervous or scared – well except when the mannequin got tossed and they ran away. And she hasn’t asked the ghostly visitor to leave.

“Things happen with customers in the store sometimes,” she said. “Bags move and crinkle. We write it off as settling. Sometimes that makes sense and other times we make it make sense!”

And SHUG wishes you all a happy and safe Halloween!

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