The Sighthound Side of Life

  • Niko – AVAILABLE

    Updated 6 APRIL 2021 Niko has a bite history and will not be placed in a home with small children. Niko is an estimated 4-5 year old, 65lb Borzoi who was found in Okinawa, Japan. Having been hit by a car and never claimed by his owners, he came to SHUG with no history. We are unsure what his life Continue Reading
  • Figaro – AVAILABLE

    Updated 6 APRIL 2021 Figaro is a 2-3 year old, 75 lb borzoi/saluki cross (we think) with SEVERE separation anxiety (we know). Figaro is an awesome, loving, charming, handsome dog...who becomes a destructive tasmanian devil when left alone. In addition to eating multiple crates, pieces of furniture, and doors, Figaro has also jumped through a window to get into a Continue Reading
  • Cleo – AVAILABLE

    Updated 5 APRIL 2021 Cleo is a 7 yr old galga originally from Scooby in Spain. She arrived to SHUG in the US a year ago very fearful of people and other dogs. The shelter was a very scary environment for her. She has since become very confident in her foster home and with the other foster siblings. It takes Continue Reading
  • Dogs are children who never grow up

    Dogs are children who never grow up. They will never help out around the house or do chores. They will never cook you dinner or take out the trash. They will never move out and get their own place. On the plus side, you're not ever going to have to pay for college or a big fancy wedding. Probably. We Continue Reading
  • You have responsibilities. Stay home.

    People ask me all the time if adoption fees are tax deductible. For that you have to ask an accountant. What I can tell you is that the dog you have adopted is not an asset. You didn't get something for your adoption fee that will ever make you rich. You've signed a contract that you won't race them for Continue Reading
  • WTF, 2020?

    I would love to close the door on this year and never look back. Can we just pretend 2020 was all a horrible dream? Sadly, no. We can't pretend the last 12 months didn't happen because we will have to live with the changes it has wrought for many years to come. As Greyhound racing officially comes to an end Continue Reading
  • Charles – AVAILABLE

    Updated 5 APRIL 2021 Charles has a bite history. Now that we've got that out of the way, Charles is a large Borzoi, about 100lbs, and 5 years old. He's very sweet and affectionate and friendly with people and other dogs in new situations. He does, however, have a strong startle response. He has snapped at people when they've surprised Continue Reading
  • 68 hours and she’s only halfway home

    Last night Sunny arrived in her foster home in Indiana after 68 hours of travel. This sweet little brindle girl had a rough start in life, but these days her future is looking as bright as her name. Found starving on the streets of Spain, this tiny galga could barely walk when she was rescued by the team at Scooby Continue Reading
  • Cayenne – AVAILABLE

    Updated 5 APRIL 2021 Cayenne (DKC Cayenne) is a retired racing Greyhound, born December 9, 2017. He was extremely shy at the track and had bonded with another boy named Floyd. Sadly, Floyd passed away and Cayenne was left alone. He came to SHUG in March (right after the COVID lockdown) and went to a multi-dog foster home where he Continue Reading
  • April 2020 FAQs

    We're getting many of the same questions over and over again so here are some FAQs to help get out the information people are asking for: Is SHUG still adopting during the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes! SHUG is up and running. With the abrupt closure of tracks due to social distancing guidelines, there are thousands of Greyhounds in need of homes. Continue Reading
  • I love broken legs.

    I love broken legs. I know how that sounds, but hear me out. Broken legs are an obvious problem with an obvious solution. Yes, surgeries can be complex and expensive, but at least we know what to do. The hardest part about caring for dogs is when there is definitely a problem but the cause--and the solution--is unclear. On January Continue Reading
  • Goodbye, 2019

    Let me start off our traditional "end of year" post by thanking everyone who has supported SHUG this year. Whether you adopted, fostered, volunteered, or donated, you are part of the SHUG team and we couldn't do this without you. And what exactly is it that we all did together this year? Well, we had some fun and saved some Continue Reading
  • Yes, we are crazy.

    Have you ever driven 12 hours for a dog? Have you ever flown across country and then driven 16 hours for a dog? If the answer is yes, you may be a SHUG person. Yes, we are crazy. We are delusional, we are paranoid, and we are completely okay with that. This week SHUG dogs are moving Spain to California Continue Reading
  • Play Nice

    This week there are Sighthound people traveling from across the US, Canada, and even Europe to descend upon the historic town of Gettysburg, PA for the 21st annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg. As with any large gathering, there are some general rules of the road to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Many of these have to do with basic dog Continue Reading
  • About that Application Fee

    SHUG receives hundreds of applications from potential adopters every year. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to say no. When that happens, people can get angry. Below is my response to an applicant who said she felt "scammed" by our application fee. We're a 100% volunteer organization and all of the money that comes in goes primarily to vet bills and transport Continue Reading
  • The State of Our Union

    Fourteen years ago today I adopted my first Greyhound, John. Since that day, Greyhounds--and then Borzoi and Galgos and the other Sighthound breeds--have become an inextricable part of my life. For those of us who love Sighthounds, it is a love that winds its way through every corner of our hearts. It is a love that binds us to them, Continue Reading
  • The Year of the Greyhound

    Greyhound racing in the US has been steadily declining for over 20 years. In 2015 I was invited to give a talk at Greyhounds in Gettysburg. If you aren't familiar with GIG, it's the largest gathering of Greyhound owners in the US annually. To that group, I showed this slide:   Since then, the numbers have continued to go down. Continue Reading
  • This is not your dog.

    Once a potential adopter complained about my terrible "customer service". Recently a man likened the experience of adopting a dog to buying a car.    Oh. Hell. No.    I explained to both gentlemen, very firmly, that they were sadly mistaken. They are neither clients nor customers. They are not buying and I am not selling. I am, however, serving. Continue Reading
  • Update on Application Processing Time

    As the holidays approach, the world slows down. It happens in the Federal government, in the commercial sector, and--sometimes most dramatically--here in volunteer land. Suddenly there are many fewer hands available to transport, to foster, and to process applications. And that's okay. If you're an adopter waiting for your application to be processed. CHILL OUT. It's November. Days are shorter, Continue Reading
  • There are good days and bad days . . .

    There are good days and there are bad days . . . and sometimes they're the same days. Yesterday we lost Varou (above, image by Beverley Farmer). He was adopted and he had a new family and a new brother and a new name. Varou became Taz. And it really sucks that he only got to be Taz for a Continue Reading
  • We called. You answered.

    Only two days after her arrival, little Miss Elle broke her leg badly going down the stairs of her foster home. Volunteers rushed her to the vet where we were told she would need surgery to attach a metal plate to the bone. The original estimate for the surgery was $6500--plus the $800 bill that night. We told the vet Continue Reading
  • Eternity. 363 days. Same difference.

    Yesterday the SHUG family lost Joe, aka White Squirrel. (Yes, really. His racing name was White Squirrel and he was awesome.) Tomorrow would have been Joe's one year anniversary with his family. He was picked up by his foster mom and never left. All of the problems that Joe had experienced in his previous home that had led to him Continue Reading
  • Screw you, Cancer. We won.

    When I first met Winter the Borzoi over two years ago, I knew immediately that he had osteosarcoma. I'd been working with Greyhounds for a decade and I'd seen a lot of osteo. The night I picked him up I drove Winter straight to the vet They were able to make him comfortable and we discussed options. Our vet was Continue Reading
  • 2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Goodbye, 2016. Most of us are quite happy to see you go. For many in the SHUG family this year has been especially rough. Personally, globally, no matter how you look at it a lot has happened this year. SHUG saved 100 dogs in 2016 and that's definitely the good. No matter what else this year has brought, that fact Continue Reading
  • The End of an Era

    Johnny Jazz, August 30, 2002 - October 26, 2016 On Wednesday SHUG lost its founding member and the heart of SHUG HQ. You may recognize John from our logo and the pics we have posted of him over the years in his role as SHUG's official nanny. Like the tortoise, John was in it for the long haul and not Continue Reading
  • Karma

    Do you remember the story about bacon . . . um, I mean Reyna? Reyna was a very shy galga who was lost while her foster mom was on vacation. For three days Reyna camped out in the Spooky Woods, an abandoned Halloween exhibit that was ridiculously terrifying in the daylight. Once we had set up a trap for Reyna, Continue Reading
  • From the Director: The Best Year Ever

    I'm not going to lie. The first half of 2016 had been kind of rough in many ways. In fact, it has pretty much sucked. We've had some hard rescues and some difficult transports and we've had to make the hard decision to say no--and the even harder decision to say yes, when we're tired and cranky and just need Continue Reading
  • Ghost is Bloating

    UPDATE: Despite his initial good prognosis, Ghost passed away during his surgery. The vet was able to untwist his stomach and left the bruising was minimal and there was no permanent damage. As they were finishing the surgery, Ghost went into cardiac arrest and they were unable to revive him. Like his father, Tonka, Ghost's heart just gave out. Three Continue Reading
  • In Loving Memory of Tonka

    We don't know Tonka's whole story. In fact, we know less than a week of it. But what we do know is that he was sweet and handsome and deserved so much better. We can't change Tonka's ending, but we can make sure we never forget. Last Thursday we found out about a Borzoi needing help in New Mexico. Since Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Before and After

    It's all in the ears. Those of us who know and love Podencos will tell you that one of the most unique and spectacular things about them are their ears. They're expressive. They're beautiful. And they're BIG! Podenco ears are unmistakable and we've definitely seen some fantastic ones here at SHUG. (Yes, I'm thinking of you, Baron. #PodencoSexy)   When Continue Reading
  • Snow Daze

    The snow is coming! The snow is coming! If you're on the east coast--or even the eastern half of the country--you're probably aware of the major blizzard making its way north over the next couple of days. Are you ready??? Many of the things you do to prepare yourself and your family work for your dog too. Just like the non-furry Continue Reading
  • Party Like It’s 2016

    Are you ready to ring in the New Year the Sighthound way? Yes, we do mean in bed. From all of the awesome volunteers of the Sighthound Underground and the dogs that we love, have a safe and Happy New Year! At home. In Bed. With your dog(s).  
  • December’s Broken Puppies

    As we approached the end of the year, the SHUG Team decided to take a break. We made the decision that we weren't going to bring in any new dogs in December. We'd come back in January refreshed and revitalized! Yeah, right. Not only have we had dogs come in, but the majority of those have been special needs dogs. Continue Reading
  • We Say No to Electronic Fences

    If you submit an application to SHUG and you have an electronic or invisible fence, we're going to say no. We aren't saying you don't love your dog. We aren't saying you're a bad dog owner. We are saying NO to electronic/invisible fences. There aren't a lot of things that make us say no here at SHUG. We like to Continue Reading
  • Check Your Chip!

    It's December . . . have your dogs seen the vet this year? If not, it's time to schedule an annual checkup. In addition to updating your dog's required vaccinations, listening to his or her heart and lungs, checking eyes, ears, and mouths, the veterinarian should also be breaking out this cool device.  This is a chip scanner and all Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Non-Anesthesia Dentals

    This is John. John is an old fart. He's been an old fart for quite a while and when he turned 13 this past August he became a really, really old fart. So . . . no more anesthesia for John. As anyone who loves Sighthounds know, you have to be cautious with anesthesia even with young, healthy dogs. For a senior, every Continue Reading
  • #SpaDay4SpayDays in Frederick, MD

    How can you help more adoptable dogs get the spays and neuters they need to join their new families? By pampering your own dog, of course! #SpaDay4SpayDays is an event in Frederick, MD on Sunday, September 20th from 11am-3pm. Bring your dog out to the Monocacy Brewing Company's Beer Garden and treat your dog to the finer things in life--and Continue Reading
  • Why Foster? Let Us Count The Reasons . . .

    The Sighthound Underground can’t do what it does without foster homes. And we have some awesome foster homes – from Washington, D.C., to Washington state and every place in between. But, like other good things – we can always use one more. Are you interested in fostering a SHUG dog? Let’s ask our awesome fosters a simple question: Why foster? Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Meet Gala!

    As most of our supporters know by now, SHUG has a flat adoption fee of $650 for imported dogs. Our average cost per dog is around $850, so we subsidize our adoptions through donations and our various fundraisers. The $850 includes the dog's airfare ($200-400), their crate ($35-200), the shelter's fee to cover their vaccinations and spay/neuter and paperwork ($125-300), Continue Reading
  • First Person: Indy’s Story

    We adopted Indy (Jax Intrepid) in September 2013 after losing our previous greyhound to bone cancer. A couple of days prior to putting our beloved Bree down, I decided I needed something to look forward to after a month of sadness. I completed an application with our local greyhound adoption group, but they had no available dogs and they suggested Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — If Squirrels Could Post Signs

  • First Person – The Value of the Golden Oldies, Part II

    Some tips and tricks to keep your Golden Oldies shining into their twilight years . . . Mobility Assistance Next to food and supplements (see Tuesday's post), the next biggest challenge -- and reward -- when caring for your senior pup is keeping them active and helping them get around easier. The first thing to consider is your own environment. Continue Reading
  • First Person – The Value of the Golden Oldies, Part I

    I’ve often been asked why I adopt and love senior Sighthounds so much. There’s a good reason I get that question.  I do have two youngsters -- Cole, age 5 and Penny, age 4. But I have half a dozen oldies: Sarah, age 13 Eve, age 12 (retired brood mama) Silver, age 10 (retired stud dog) Marina and Eris, two Continue Reading
  • First Person: Breathing Easy After Trusting My Gut

    It was a Saturday, and Sophie, my Galga was breathing a little oddly -- a bit fast and shallow. She would occasionally hack a little too. I gave her Benadryl, thinking maybe her time outside had triggered some allergy. She was not any better the next day, so I took her to the emergency vet. He said her trachea was Continue Reading
  • The Wallflowers

    If they were at the prom, they’d be hanging out by the punch bowl, pretty in their dresses and corsages, but a bit quiet, a tad shy. But we promise, if you take Reyna, JoJo or Zettie for a spin on the dance floor, you won’t regret it. These three lovely girls have been in their loving foster homes longer Continue Reading
  • From the Director: How SHUG got an RV!

    You may have seen our recent GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy SHUG an RV. In the last two and a half years our volunteers have transported over three hundred dogs! Until now we've done this in our personal vehicles--up to 6 dogs at a time plus humans! In addition to the chaos of moving so many dogs in Continue Reading
  • July 4th — Let’s Be Careful Out There

    Fireworks are great. Well, they’re not great if you have a noise-sensitive or thunder-phobic pup. Actually, sometimes they’re not great even for the most chilled-out pooch. So with the July 4th holiday coming up, we asked SHUG supporters how they deal with fireworks. Robin -- I stay in with them and cuddle. And never let them out of the house. Fawn Continue Reading
  • First Person: Winter TallDog’s Happily Ever After

    First Person: Winter TallDog’s Happily Ever After Winter is a two-year-old Borzoi who came to SHUG with a diagnosis of bone cancer. Unable to send him to the bridge without ever knowing the love of a family, SHUG Director Michael Owens OK’d an amputation, raised the funds for his medical care, and crossed her fingers that he’d have many good Continue Reading
  • Skinny Needles for Skinny Dogs

    A decade ago acupuncture for your dog may have seemed pretty extreme, but today more and more dog owners are finding acupuncture an effective treatment for pain, mobility, and other issues in our furry children. It’s no longer considered “alternative medicine,” but acupuncture can still seem a bit strange. After all, needles aren’t usually looked upon favorably by most people. Continue Reading
  • First Person – A Beautiful Lurcher Makes a House a Home

    In the late 1990s, while living in Florida, my husband and I admired ex-racing greyhounds for adoption, but our lifestyle wasn’t conducive for a dog.  And our situation didn’t get more conducive until we moved to Northern Virginia in the summer of 2014. Hot on our list for house hunting was a fenced yard for, you guessed it! A DOG! Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday – Lurcher Style

    This week SHUG has some Lovely Lurchers looking for their forever homes! Willy and Goldie were rescued by the American Lurcher Project – and are great examples of why we love these special dogs. Both are very sweet and, in our eyes, look as much like Greyhounds as their tattooed brethren. In many cases Lurchers are used in underground competitive Continue Reading
  • Celebrating “Eat Your Veggies” Day

    We’re not making this up. It really is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. But we’re not going to lecture you about a good diet. We’re going to lecture your dog. Pups – your ancestors may have been carnivores, but vegetables and fruits can be good for you, too. So listen up to these suggestions: Potatoes (regular or sweet). Eat these Continue Reading
  • A Message From Avery . . .

    I got the best birthday present ever - a forever home! My mom and dad are a little slow on the uptake sometimes. They knew way back in December, when I had my second surgery, that they were going to keep me. They may have said it was only going to be long enough to make sure I was totally Continue Reading
  • From the Director: It’s Beautiful . . . And I Hate It

    There's a new book coming out in the fall about Galgos. By Martin Usborne, “Where Hunting Dogs Rest” will highlight the plight and the beauty of the Galgos of Spain. From the images I've already seen online and in articles like this one in the Washington Post, it is a well-written book full of truly gorgeous photos. And I hate Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday: Copa on Canvas

    Copa looks good in oil (courtesy of his foster mom, the painter). He also looks good in person. His foster mom reports the young Podenco from Spain has been blossoming since his arrival and is really coming out of his shell. He’s now a silly, goofy, very playful dog -- when he’s not sitting still long enough to be immortalized Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Really, There Are No Words

  • Foster Friday — Handsome Jarno

    Jarno, the fawn Galgo, was running wild in the streets of his native Spain and suffering from mange, but he still didn’t get caught easy. He led his would-be rescuers on a long, merry chase that –eventually -- had a happy ending.  Now accustomed to two squares a day, soft dog beds and kind hands, Jarno is looking for his Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Stopping to Smell The Roses

    Or, in this case, the geraniums. Here, Thomas the galgo, is enjoying the foster hospitality of Mandy Simpson, in Spain. Mandy fosters for Perros Sin Casa, Galgos del Sol and Ibizan Hound Rescue. SHUG dogs have been among those who have benefitted from her kind hand and patient heart. Without her, and others as generous, countless Spanish dogs wouldn’t have Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday – Alicia, the VERY Good Girl

    This little fawn Galga is barely 2 years old, totally housebroken – and cat safe. Her foster mom says, and we’re quoting here “She’s a VERY good girl. I would totally love to trade her for my (resident dog, name removed to protect the innocent).” Foster mom also uses the phrases “love bucket” and “gets along great with everyone.” Alicia Continue Reading
  • A Diamond in the Rough

    Jasmine the lurcher didn't look like a diamond when she first arrived at her foster home. As we wrote earlier, she limped, she had a dangling tooth and scars on her face, she was underweight and her coat was faded and dull. Bonnie Mayo, a SHUG foster mom and volunteer with the American Lurcher Project, says despite all that, Jasmine Continue Reading
  • Remembering Your Dogs In Special Ways

    Oh, how we wish they would stay with us a little longer. How we wish the bridge was just a bit farther away. Anyone who has ever loved a dog, has lost a dog. And it never gets easier, no matter how many times you’ve loved and lost and loved again. But maybe, just maybe, the loss can be softened Continue Reading
  • Is It Still Monday?

    Bailey would like to respectfully reserve the right to stay right here until Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.
  • Spring Brings May Flowers . . . and Tornadoes

    Spring is in the air and, as usual, severe weather came with it. Tornadoes have recently turned deadly in the Midwest and destroyed homes, lives and communities. Do you know what to do if tornadoes are forecast in your area? Here are some specific tips from our friends at the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (who are in a position Continue Reading
  • Tristi Got Skunked

    Really, few things are worse than your dog showing up at your back door covered in eau d’ skunk. Tristi, the galgo, did that last week, after getting spritzed right in the face. Mom Erica was, alas, not prepared. Hubby was dispatched to Walmart, smelling none too fresh himself. Truly, a night to remember. So we share this important recipe Continue Reading
  • Happy Mother’s Day From Broodmama Settie

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the two-legged and four-legged Mom’s out there. We hope that every last one of Settie’s 31 pups – wherever they are – are having a great life and thinking of their sweet Mama on this special day. And . . . if you need another “mom” in your life, Settie is still looking for her Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday – Snickers Speaks

    Dear Friends: I'm a wonderful young man and very handsome, if I do say so myself. My first time away from my siblings I was a little scared, but I controlled myself and had NO accidents in the hotel. It was a long trip to my New York foster home (eight hours in a van) and I did great. I Continue Reading
  • JoJo Wishes You A Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    JoJo, the pretty little saluki mix, says Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to put in an application for her! The little girl is sweet, and, frankly, about as "muy bueno" as a little pup can be! You can put in an application here.
  • Dottie, the Arkansas Angel – Still a Miracle

    It was a heart-lifting story that started in October of 2013 -- the Sighthound community rallied around two Italian Greyhounds in need and transported them from Arkansas to Virginia (no easy feat). The little boy, Joe, went to his happy ending, but Dottie, the little girl, turned up heartworm positive and went into foster care for treatment. The support Dottie received was amazing. Everyone Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday – Reyna

    Remember Reyna, our little galga runner? She spent several days exploring the wilds of Dumfries, Va., earlier this year. Lured back into our arms (literally) by the scent of frying bacon, Reyna has flourished since she's been back with her foster mom. They go on daily walks and Reyna has even (gasp!) let a human male touch her! This beautiful Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Write the Caption

    Our suggestion: Excuse me, but can't you see I'm bathing here?! Now, give us your ideas!
  • Adventures With SLO

    Well, adventures might not be the right word. Trials and tribulations might be more accurate. But there is a mostly happy ending to this story of a SHUG supporter’s experience with the baffling and unpleasant canine disease known as symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy. SLO is an autoimmune disease (think doggie lupus) that affects only the nails. Many different breeds can be Continue Reading
  • Happy Earth Day!

    Alex says honor the day by sniffing a tree. He says you can also plant a tree or hug a tree. He's not fussy that way. As for him, he will try not to pee on a tree today. Just for today, though.
  • We Needed A Study To Prove This?

    According to new research published in the journal Science our dogs really do love us, and we really love them. Scientists found that when dogs and their people gaze into each other's eyes, both get a boost in their circulating levels of oxytocin, aka the love hormone. Maybe next they’ll do a study to prove the sky is blue!
  • Foster Friday – It’s A Hard Knock Life

    Jasmine may not have Orphan Annie’s red hair, but she knows life can be hard. This little lurcher girl was found wandering on a lonely rural road in western Illinois with a scarred face, a frost-bitten ear, some missing teeth and a limp. Safe now in a wonderful foster home, Jasmine is proving to be sweet and loving dog whose Continue Reading
  • SHUG Dogs Celebrate National Volunteer Week

    Yes, it’s officially National Volunteer Week. And SHUG dogs want to toast all the volunteers – all around the world – who helped them along the path to their loving, forever homes. There are so many who played a role, big and small, from catching galgos in the countryside, to flying dogs to the U.S., to finding dogs in shelters Continue Reading
  • Kids and Dogs – Making it Work

    Having kids does not mean you can’t have dogs. It does mean you have to understand how to best make introductions, oversee interactions and make all family members feel special and safe. Kelly Culver-Mattiuz, a SHUG supporter and foster mom, knows this all too well – having four children under the age of 13 and, ahem, quite a few dogs. Continue Reading
  • The Fleas Are Coming, the Fleas Are Coming

    Yup, the weather is getting warmer and the little evil blood suckers better known as ticks and fleas are heading back to our pets. While there are a number of available topical chemical treatments, some pet owners want to go more natural. So we asked some SHUG supporters – how do you deal with those pesky critters? Here are some Continue Reading
  • Happy Easter!

  • If It’s Still Monday . . .

    . . . please don't even think about bothering me. Check back in a few days, like maybe Friday.
  • Foster Friday – Zettie the Mellow Greyhound

    Hello everyone, Zetti here. My foster mom decided to let me tell you about myself and the kind of home I am wanting. I am 7 years young and spent time having pups – more than 20 of them! So now that I'm retired, a permanent soft bed and lots of kisses would be wonderful. A bit about me -- Continue Reading
  • Parting Is Such Sorrow – How Our Dogs Grieve

    SHUG Adopter Beth’s senior Whippet, Henry, lost his battle with cancer recently, leaving behind Jake, the Whippet, and Sophie, the Galgo. When she came home from the vet without Henry, Jake and Sophie didn’t do their usual happy dance at the door. They sniffed Henry’s collar and leash and then just stood there, frozen in place. Those of us who Continue Reading
  • First Person – How One Fuzzy Pod Completed an Already Pretty Fuzzy Family

    I saw Pinta the Podenco for the first time on February 1st on the Facebook page, Podenco Friends. I read her story -- about living in chains, about eating stale bread and being confined to tiny box in Spain, where “podencos” are used and discarded as hunting dogs. She had been turned into a perrera (a public facility where most Continue Reading
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day . . .

    . . . from Murphy, who despite his name is an Afghan/Ibizan hound and has not a drop of the ol' Emerald Isle in his blood. It's not important -- today, everyone has the luck of Irish.
  • From the Director: We Are Grateful

    I feel stupid for crying when I got Winter's official biopsy results. After all, I was the one who said immediately that this had to be Osteo. But I knew there was a 15% chance it was Chondrosarcoma, which has a much better survival rate. After fostering Winter for the last two weeks, that 15% became more and more important. Continue Reading
  • Part II First Person – A Diet Change Turns Scary to Sunny

    We stayed at the doggie ER until they could evaluate Mo and come up with a plan for overnight. Neurology was going to see him as well as the ICU vets. We got to see him before we left and with more IV fluids he had perked up a little. As soon as he saw us his little tail started Continue Reading
  • First Person – A Scary Path for a Much-Loved Galgo Part I

    Mosquetero left Galgos del Sol, a shelter in the south of Spain on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. He flew to JFK airport in New York on Sunday and was met by SHUG director Michael Owens, who drove him straight to Virginia. Meanwhile, my husband and I drove from Ohio to meet Mo, as we decided to call him, at SHUG HQ Continue Reading
  • First Person – Transports Don’t Just Happen

    SHUG appears to do a good job of moving dogs from foster homes to forever homes, from foster homes to airports, from foster homes to foster homes. But while we may do a good job, it is far from effortless. Case in point: The Anni and Newly transport. This is how it came to be. First, Anni’s foster mom and Continue Reading
  • Springing Forward . . .

    Did you put your clocks ahead? Polly says she doesn't care what time it is. It's still winter and she shall stay snuggling with her Mother Bunny until that changes.
  • From the Director: A Winter We’re Happy to See Go On Forever

    UPDATE: Winter is out of surgery! He's still seeing pink elephants but he's awake and did great! Remember, if you would like to help fund Winter's medical expenses, you can donate on the website at or participate in our special emergency auction at  When the vet tells you that your 2-year-old Borzoi has osteosarcoma, getting a second opinion is Continue Reading
  • The Official Abridged Sighthound Dictionary

    Cat-Zapper – A dog with a decided lack of appreciation for the pet quality of kitties Chip, Chipping, Chipper – All are related to the Sighthound owner who can’t stop at just one, or two, or three or  . . . Couch Potato – Most Sighthounds, despite the conventional wisdom that they all need “lots and lots of exercise” Counter Continue Reading
  • First Person – A Podenco Makes A Home Complete

    My husband and I adopted a Galga about a year ago. She was a lovely dog, and was perfect for me and our other five dogs, but she was terrified of my husband. Try and train as I might, I could not get her to accept living with him in the house.  We were forced to return her to SHUG Continue Reading
  • Hound’s Tooth!

    February is Doggie Dental Month and it’s a perfect time to touch on a few ways to keep your pup’s pearly whites clean and shiny. First, why is it important? Bad dental hygiene can cause things from “death breath,” to gingivitis, which can lead to infections in the blood and which, in extreme cases, can lead to death! It can Continue Reading
  • We Wish a Happy Valentine’s Day . . .

    . . . to everyone who has ever loved a dog. We hope the holiday brings you chocolate hearts and flowers -- and all the sloppy puppy kisses you desire.
  • Spotlight on Jojo – The Sweet Saluki Girl

    Jojo – the little two-year-old saluki mix with one wonky leg -- was rescued from the streets of Kuwait and has settled down to a wonderful life with her foster family in North Carolina. She had a rough start, but she does not let it get her down. This is what her foster dad has to say:  This little girl Continue Reading
  • Dogs and Cats Living Together . . . Or Making Cat Workable Work

    John is the resident "nanny" at SHUG HQ and has put up with everything from puppies to baby chicks. The cats--quite literally--walk all over him. But even if your dog isn't quite a St. John, chances are they still have the potential to live comfortably with small animals. We asked one of our adopters, Erin Comaskey, to talk about what Continue Reading
  • Go Seahawks . . .

    So says Bailey-the-Saluki, who is all set for the Super Bowl, complete with his T-Mobile sponsored "12th man" shirt. And don't even think about messing with his remote.
  • Slip Knot 101

    Here's our Director's daughter with Slip Knot 101. Our new official motto is "we'd rather have a dislocated shoulder than loose a dog." Can you relate? Your Step by Step Guide to the Slip Knot Grab the leash in two hands, with the loop in one hand and the other hand about a foot down the length. Pull the length Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Behold, the Power of Bacon

    Reyna is one of the most traumatized dogs that SHUG has had in foster care. In Spain, Reyna belonged to a hunter with a reputation for being harsh with his dogs. (This is like saying he was the mime that all of the other mimes found annoying.) As a result, Reyna has a fear of men that she's struggled to Continue Reading
  • Georgio — From a Stray in Qatar to Certified Therapy Dog

    Melissa Siedenstrang, a certified professional dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen evaluator, had high hopes for Georgio – the handsome, black Saluki she adopted through SHUG. Even though he was young, a bit of a goof and thousands of miles from where he’d been born and abandoned, Melissa believed he could bring joy to others. So, shortly after adopting him, Continue Reading
  • Guest Post: How a Spanish Dog Saved My Life

    Although SHUG only adopts to homes in the U.S. and Canada, there are many Sighthound lovers around the world who share their homes and their hearts with these special dogs. As we know, letting a Sighthound into your life will change it in ways you can never imagine. Maria from Denmark tells how her life was touched by her Podenco, Continue Reading
  • Men are Scarier than Really Big Spiders

    SHUG tries very hard to maintain our public spaces--the website and Facebook page--as positive places. We don't post the horror stories or the pictures of abused and injured dogs from Spain that you may see elsewhere. We know you know. And we know you understand why some of the Galgos have developed such a deep fear of men--their very survival Continue Reading
  • First Person – Meri, Meri Quite Contrary

    About a year after I adopted Phil, my retired racing Greyhound, I felt like he was lonely. I started fostering for a greyhound rescue, but I felt Phil got attached to the foster dogs and depressed when they left. Seeing that greyhound pout, which is a special type of pouting I hadn't experienced before, made me finally commit to getting Continue Reading
  • Keeping Doggie Toes Toasty All Winter Long

    Most Sighthound people – the Borzoi parents are giving us blank looks – know the importance of keeping pups warm in cold winter weather. And their hounds have the extensive coat wardrobes to prove it. But sometimes, paws get overlooked. Tonya Christiansen, owner of Must Love Dogs Boutique & Spa and a SHUG volunteer, offers some tips for the winter weather. Take Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Happy Tales

    When we started SHUG in 2012, I thought we'd save maybe a dozen dogs a year. Our first year we saved 92. Reeling from that number a year ago, my hope for 2014 was to keep our momentum going--although I wouldn't have been disappointed if our numbers were a little lower. Of course, I knew halfway through the year that Continue Reading
  • Top Ten Dog Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions

    10. Garbage in, garbage out! It's time to take a good look at what goes into--and out of--your dog. If they don't have nice solid poops, it may be time to change brands. Research your options. There are a number of good web sites that offer ratings and food quality ratings. Feeding your dog the best food you can afford Continue Reading
  • 7 – 4 – 72 : Seven Tips for Your Dog’s First 72 Hours at Home

    Congratulations! You’ve just adopted a Sighthound! Now what? Well, here are some tips and tricks to start your new family member off on the right path. Take some time these first few days to get on the right path and the next 15 years will be a lot easier! Who's your daddy? -- Your SHUG dog will come home with Continue Reading
  • End of the Year Tax Woes Got You Down?

    Have we got a solution for you! You have a few days left to reduce your 2014 tax bill with a tax-deductible donation to SHUG. We are a 501(c)3 charity and all donations go directly to support our dogs -- including Greyhound puppy Avery and her hefty vet bill. And, of course, Happy New Year to all -- may 2015 Continue Reading
  • ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas . . .

    . . . and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Merry Christmas greetings from our pack to yours.
  • Dear Santa . . . I Was a Good Mom, But I’m Ready For a New Life

    Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving, forever home of my own. I’m retired from having babies and now that I’m 7-years-old and kid-free, I’m ready for my own retirement. I get along well with humans and other dogs and – as you can see – I’m OK with those cat-like things, too. (Pssst -- If you Continue Reading
  • From the Director: Thank god she’s cute . . .

    You may have noticed we have a thing for gimpy dogs around here. Unfortunately, the word has gotten out. Back in September we got a call about a little girl in Kansas with a crushed knee. The catch? She wasn't even four months old yet! Since we couldn't get her on the standard Greyhound transport that runs from Kansas to Continue Reading
  • Dear Santa . . . I’ve Been So Good, Um, Well, Would You Settle for Cute?

    Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving, forever home of my own. I’m told I’m especially cute. Don’t you think so? Look at my curly hair! Look at my puppy dog eyes! Ignore the fact that my foster mom sometimes laughs and calls me rotten! I’m a podenco puppy from Spain. My brothers and sisters came over Continue Reading
  • Dear Santa . . . I’ve Been, Well, Not THAT Naughty, For a Puppy

    Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving forever home of my own. I think life is pretty good since I got here from Spain. I’m still a little shy in new situations, but I warm up pretty quickly. I’m smart and I learn quickly, and my foster mom says I have a great “sit,” which I know Continue Reading
  • Ten Products Every Sighthound Owner Needs – Just In Time for Christmas

    Ok, we know there are way more than 10. Every Sighthound needs 10 martingale collars alone. But this list is about those perhaps little known, usually inexpensive, time-saving, hound-saving, can’t-live-without products. Just so you know, none of these products paid us to say these nice things. But if you buy them through Amazon Smile, SHUG gets a small kick-back that Continue Reading
  • Dear Santa . . . I’ve Been Such a Good Girl All Year

    Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving forever home of my own. Now, I’m not complaining about my current situation. My foster mom gives me kisses and tells me I’m the perfect girl. She says I’m always clean in the house. I never chew anything I’m not supposed to. She says I’m a little shy (I am), Continue Reading
  • Yes, Virginia, It Really Is the Holiday Season Again

    Yes, it really is December – already and again. All the leaves have fallen, some places have snow on the ground and many of us have pulled out the heavy doggie sweaters for our fur-deficient Sighthounds So now is the time to revisit some Holiday Pup-Proofing Tips. As we’ve noted before, it’s no fun to spend Christmas Eve at the Continue Reading
  • First Person – Two Fuzzy Pod Sibs Find Their Forever Home Together

    On July 10, 2013, my beloved Cozmo died. He wasn’t supposed to live as long as he did given his epilepsy and megaesophagus. But until his very last day he was a happy puppy-like dog. I was gutted by his death. I wanted to try living without a dog for a while. It was a difficult year. Every time I Continue Reading
  • Hard to Believe – But Some People Shouldn’t Adopt a Greyhound (or Galgo)

    With permission, we adapted a wonderful piece that ran last spring on the blog “Yes I Know, My Dogs Look Funny." This “Public Service Announcement” reminds us all that Greyhounds (and Galgos) are special creatures that, frankly, are too good for some people. You should NOT adopt one if . . . You hate to laugh. If you have no Continue Reading
  • First Person – Dora/Zora, the Mange-y Saluki Puppy

    I happened upon the Sighthound Underground rescue group when surfing the web looking for Irish Wolfhounds.  My husband and I had two Wolfhounds for many years and loved them. We had recently gone from three dogs to one -- a senior Pug-Boxer mix named Harley. I was ready for another dog and was intrigued by SHUG. I followed them on Continue Reading
  • Dexter Says If You’re Out Shopping for Black Friday . . .

    Can you pick him up a new stick?
  • From the Director – Thank You for More Than Just the Turkey

    I know we don’t say thank you enough – mostly because we’re too busy talking about poop – so I want to take this opportunity to make sure all of you know how much you are appreciated and how we could not do what we do without you.Thank you.Thank you to our adopters who open your hearts and your homes Continue Reading
  • How to Rack Up Some “Nice” Points with Santa

    If your “naughty” side of the ledger is getting a bit too long and you need some “nice” to balance it out this holiday season. . . consider volunteering for our transport roster. Since we have dogs joining us from all over the country and getting adopted all over as well (and Canada, too), they often need a lift. As Continue Reading
  • National Adoption Month Going to the Dogs – Part III

    Hi!! I'm Camilla. I’m a six-year-old Galga looking for my forever home. What better time for that to happen than National Adoption Month! My foster mom tells me how sweet and beautiful I am. I am learning that hands are meant for petting and handing out treats, and don't cower as much. I LOVE to snuggle and my tail never Continue Reading
  • “Happy Tail” Makes Us Sad

    “Happy Tail” sounds like a good thing. It really isn't. Happy tail is the term for the injury that occurs when some dogs wag their tails so hard against the walls (or furniture) that the skin opens up and leaves, well, a blood spatter pattern reminiscent of a particularly gruesome episode of CSI. While this can happen with any waggedy Continue Reading
  • First Person: A Volunteer Travels To Spain and Sees A Lot of Poop

    I have two SHUG galgos and have been an avid follower of Tina Solera and Galgos del Sol since 2013. I even took a vacation and traveled to Spain earlier this year to volunteer there. I helped nurse the “Pumpkin seeds” and got a little feel for cleaning up after 100 dogs. But that was nothing like the 10 days Continue Reading
  • Uncle Snoopy Wants You, Yes, You . . .

    . . . to take the time to honor the veterans in your life this Veteran's Day. They served on behalf of us all.
  • National Adoption Month Going to the Dogs – Part II

    Reyna is a five-year-old galga who needs an experienced, patient, sighthound-savvy home willing to convince this pretty girl that life is truly good. What better time for that to happen than National Adoption Month? Reyna has been in the U.S. for some time now, but has been slow to accept the good life – although she is making a lot Continue Reading
  • National Adoption Month Going to the Dogs – Part I

    Yes, it’s true, the White House has declared November National Adoption Month. We fully support that sentiment for the two-legged – as well as for the four-legged and the occasional three-legged. So in honor of National Adoption Month, we’re highlighting some of the lovely four-legged cuties at SHUG looking for forever homes. First up is Manu aka Kamamanu aka Manny. Continue Reading
  • First Person: Tamar the Therapy Galgo

    I knew when I adopted her she was something special. I have owned four dogs in my life -- beagle, lab and greyhound, but she was different. She has the greatest temperament. Nothing rattles her. She loves everyone and all dogs. I always wanted to do more activities with my dogs. I did many meet and greets with my greyhound, Continue Reading
  • From the Director: The Madrid Airlift Has Cast Off!

    Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret . . . the Madrid Airlift was actually by sea! When you have to move a large number of fairly heavy items to a land far, far away your best bet is by boat. But the Madrid Sea Voyage just didn't have the same ring to it. In a way this Continue Reading
  • The Story of the Haunted Pet Store

    Tonya Christiansen’s Must Love Dogs pet store in Michigan is bright and modern-looking with the latest food, beds and cute pet stuff. But it's also located in a 140-year-old building. And things in the store keep falling and moving. All by themselves. A dog mannequin even tipped off a table with no one around to touch it. So Tonya did Continue Reading
  • (A Weird and Sort of Spooky) First Person: Klein KNA Xavi

    I adopted Klein at Greyhounds in Gettysburg, in Spring 2014. I wanted to adopt a senior black greyhound but I let my Galgo, Iker, choose. He chose Klein. (Those are the BFFs above). I quickly changed Klein’s name to Xavi, after Spanish soccer star Xavi Hernandez. Xavi is smart, active, cuddly, active, affectionate, smart and active. Did I mention active? Continue Reading
  • Dogs In Costumes Celebrate Howl-a-ween

    There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who put costumes on their dogs and those who wish they had dogs willing to wear costumes. Which one are you?
  • Halloween Means . . . Dogs in Costumes!

    And the doggie costume parade for the week begins! Be sure to check back on Friday when we have a real ghost story!
  • Halloween Means Fun and Games – And Dangers

    In the universal language of civilized society (and grumpy old people who go to bed at 8 p.m.) turning your outside light off on Halloween night is a cue for trick-or-treaters to pass you by --- hopefully without egging your house. As a child we were all taught to respect that rule. As dog owners we need to find our Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday – Uzzy, the Special Needs Borzoi

    For today’s Foster Friday, we turn to Uzzy to speak for himself . . . I’d like to introduce myself. I am an 11-year-old Borzoi with some grey on his muzzle who still has a lot of interest in sticking around and trying out dog beds for some time to come. I do have my challenges, I must admit. First, Continue Reading
  • Mirror, Mirror On the Sink . . .

    Who is the most handsome greyhound of all? It's me, I think . . . (There's no doubt, darling. You're a looker.)
  • Versace – How A Community Caught A Loose Galgo

    As many of you know, one of our recently adopted Galgos went on the lam last week. While exploring his new home, Versace figured out how to open a storm door and slipped through before his adopters could grab him. He ended up in the Palisades section of Washington D.C. just above the Potomac River and a bit outside of Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday — Elegant Arlequin

    Smart, loving, handsome – and always dressed for a black tie gala. What more can you want? Arlequin is a Spanish galgo ready for his own home. His foster mom says Arlequin is a snuggler, who is very playful with the other dogs in the household. He is even – wait for it -- little dog and cat safe. Need Continue Reading
  • Psst . . . Pass It On . . .

    I heard it's only 10 weeks until Christmas. Do you think anyone out there is asking Santa to bring them a galgo?
  • Got Hair? We All Do . . .

    If you’ve got dogs, you’ve got hair (well, unless you have a Mexican hairless, which we’re pretty sure you don’t.) So we asked Anne Marie, a SHUG foster failure with a Borzoi and long-time groomer, to give us some tips on keeping the fur kids clean and sparkly. From Anne Marie: There isn't really too much to do to groom Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: The Tale of the Tails

    So a Greyhound and two Galgos go for a walk and . . . can you guess which dog is which breed? And then vote for your favorite tail!
  • Preparing For Disaster – Doggy Style

    Natural disasters--and even just really nasty weather--can strike anywhere. Just consider what heavy rains did to the Galgos del Sol shelter in Murcia, Spain recently. The dog enclosures flooded and high water blocked roads making it difficult for volunteers to get close enough to help. Here in the U.S., many are predicting another bad winter with snow forecasted for every month Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday — Polly

    Polly is a Spanish Galgo in foster care in New York, hanging with Tristi-the-Galgo and Jiffy-the-Greyhound. She’s looking for a forever home with a fenced yard (6’ fence for this girl) and a playmate. Her foster mom gives us an update: Polly is a funny girl. She still avoids Paul and other men except when she forgets. We'll be walking Continue Reading
  • From the Director: We Need Crates!

    If you have any large, extra large or giant size airline crates hanging around now is your chance to get rid of them and help out the Galgos at the same time! One of our underlying missions here at SHUG is to lower the cost of adoption. When I fell head over heels in love with my first Galgo in Continue Reading
  • Guest Post: A Letter From the Front Lines – by Beverley Farmer

    It first began late on a Friday night when I noticed a random Facebook post about this tiny Podenca all curled up on a sack. A couple of texts, a connection with another Spanish rescue (Galgos del Sol) and several phone calls later and we had made arrangements to collect her the next day. But on Saturday I got an Continue Reading
  • Give a Galgo Wings!

    Be a part of the "Madrid Airlift!" With your help, the Sighthound Underground has rescued over 80 Galgos from Spain since January 2013. Now join us in celebrating the countdown to our 100th Galgo! Our original goal was 12 and we thought that was ambitious--look at how far we've come! The proceeds from this shirt will allow us to continue Continue Reading
  • Is It Friday Yet?

    No? It's Monday??!! I'm staying here, then. Feel free to check back in a few days.
  • First Person: My (Spanish) Greyhound Life

    All I wanted was a Greyhound. For years I would look at pictures and do research on the breed. Finally, I was able to apply to a Greyhound rescue group. I applied and I applied. Many times the response was: Please apply to a rescue group closer to your location. I was so upset, they were all the closest. Then Continue Reading
  • Checking In On … Hyekyo

    You might remember Hyekyo, the blond Afghan hound puppy rescued from South Korea. While almost an immediate foster fail, the pretty little girl eventually went to a wonderful home in Nevada, and joined an older Afghan named Sasha and Rajah, a two-year-old Saluki. Sandra Voos picks up her story: Rajah and Hyekyo are the best of friends. They play ‘till Continue Reading
  • Uma, the Matchy Matchy Galga

    Looking for a dog that matches your wood floor? Do we have the pup for you! This is Uma, a Spanish greyhound, showing off her chameleon skills. If you're interested, put in an application (if you have a cat-free home, that is.)  
  • The Last Afghan Pup – Wynter Checks In

    Just in time to join her siblings in Belated Birthday wishes, Wynter sends an update. If you read Wednesday’s update, you’ll notice some themes . . . From Wynter’s Mom: Wynter (Named after the famous dolphin) is difficult to take pictures of because she's never still enough. But she’s doing well, and she’s very healthy. She gets along great with Frank Continue Reading
  • Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to the Afghan Mix Puppies

    Yes, time flies and the darling Afghan/Ibizan hound puppies from Colorado had their first birthday last week. (Oops, we sort of missed it). But the pupsters’ families didn’t. They did lot of celebrating. And were kind enough to give us some updates. About Alex -- Alex is a happy, lovable and sweet boy. He has matured a lot since the Continue Reading
  • Throwback Thursday: Mariposa, the First SHUG Galgo

    Mariposa was SHUG's very first adopted dog -- back in February 2013. She was a charming little galga puppy. Today, she's still charming, as this selfie proves. She's no longer a wee little thing, though . . . She was the proud leader of the nearly 200 rescued and rehomed dogs that have followed so far.
  • A Bird in the Hand–and NOT the Mouth

    Retired racing Greyhound John – also known as St. John for his high tolerance for fosters – is one of the personal dogs of SHUG Director, Michael Owens. He is a mellow senior who is cat-safe, puppy-safe, and kid-safe. John is practically perfect in every way . . . as long as you aren't a bird.   The sweet little Continue Reading
  • We Wish You A Happy Labor Day!

    These pups are way too tuckered out to get up and deliver those wishes with more vigor. You see, they're conserving their energy for next Labor Day, like good Sighthounds everywhere . . .
  • Nothing’s Better Than a Boy and His Dog

    Exhibit A: Sebastian sharing his baby blanket and squeezing into the dog bed with his best buddy, Bailey-the-saluki.
  • Let’s Celebrate – It’s National Dog Appreciation Day!

    Apparently August 26th is the annual, special day set aside since 2004 to “honor dogs more than we currently do, to give them ‘a day,’ to show deep appreciation for our long connection to each other - for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work, their capacity for love and their ability to impact our lives every day."   Continue Reading
  • SHUG Policies Part II: How Much is That Galgo in the Window?

    It’s $650 to adopt a Galgo from Spain, and that includes their flight from Madrid, crate, neuter, vaccinations, etc.   That’s the short answer to the question we're asked most often. Here are the details . . .   If you're adopting any dog from overseas -- a Galgo, Saluki, or other Sighthound that SHUG paid to have transported from Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday: Spotlight on Brad

    From Brad’s Foster Mom: Brad has been with us a week now so his personality is starting to show through. With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy:   If you like working with a somewhat shy dog and it warms your heart to see him come out of his shell, you might be Brad’s family.   If you like the thought of Continue Reading
  • Doggie Doors 101

    Many people have asked about SHUG's policy on doggie doors and the answer is complicated, but here's the short version  . . .  They sound great in theory, but in real life? Not so much.   Here's the long version . . . Doggie doors sound like a wonderful solution for canine potty breaks while you’re at work. No more coming Continue Reading
  • It’s a Smile, It’s a Kiss, It’s a Sip of Wine … It’s Summertime!

    So sings Kenny Chesney. Noble agrees. So do we! But don't look now.  The first day of school is right around the corner.
  • SHUG Adoption Policies: A Lot of Yesses, A Few Nos

    Every rescue group has its own vision of the perfect adopter. Here at SHUG we try to take a flexible approach and, instead, strive to match the right dog to the right situation. We have a thorough application and approval process, which has a good track record for making great matches.   Still, there are a few times we’ll say Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 7: Last, But Not Least, Joselito

    We’re ending the week the way we began – with this cute, shy boy.   Joselito is a good boy in the house, loves other dogs and is cat safe. He’s good on the leash – although he is very serious about giving squirrels and rabbits a piece of his mind.   Do you want to see his ginormous happy Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 6: Kissable Reyna

    Reyna is a pretty galga, who, unfortunately, has seen the dark side of life. She is slowly learning that life now means a soft couch and kisses on the nose. But she still needs a bit of persuasion, especially when it comes to men. Are you an experienced Sighthound household with patience and a minimum of testosterone? Oh, and a Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 5: Sweet Brad

    If Brad were in high school, he wouldn’t be the super star, the “best dressed” or the valedictorian. But he’d be everyone’s friend – from the cliques in the parking lot to the jocks. He’d get picked last for sports teams because he’s too nice to be a fierce competitor. And a sweet girl would ask him to the prom Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 4: Marvelous Maxi

    Maxi has discovered screaming monkeys and other toys... and kids. She even chose to squeeze into a tiny spot on the couch between the tots who were recently visiting her foster family. So, kids? Um, yes.   Maxi is also good in the house – stairs are no problem and pottying is for outside -- and affectionate. She loves attention Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 3: Uma the Unique

    Where our first girl, Polly, was reserved and quiet . . . well, this is Uma. Quite a different girl altogether. Uma is energetic and bouncy and loves everyone – two and four-legged – even those of the masculine persuasion. She would love an energetic playmate or two. But, never fear, she’s happy to settle and snuggle, too. The best Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 2: Bernie-the-Beautiful

    Who you calling “beautiful”? Bernie would like everyone to know he’s handsome. And he certainly is. His foster mom says he's more than just a pretty face -- and you will fall in love with him in a second. Everyone does. Bernie is the last of the galgo/yellow lab cross pups we brought over from Spain. We have no idea Continue Reading
  • Galgopalooza Day 1: Pretty Polly

    You like galgos? We’ve got galgos! Thinking about adopting a galgo? We have galgos of all sizes, colors, ages, genders and personalities! We’re starting the week with Polly . . . She’s a pretty red fawn girl, a little shy, but learning that people (even the male kind) are a good source of treats. And she’ll even give wags and Continue Reading
  • Stay Tuned For . . . Next Week’s Galgopalooza!

    Joselito is exhausted just thinking about it. What's a Galgopalooza, you ask? Check back on Monday and see for yourself. It's going to be a wild week!
  • Happy Th-ROOOOOS-Day

    Only one day to go before the weekend!!  
  • We’ve Survived the Fourth of July . . . Now It’s Thunderstorm Season

    It’s July – and along with the cries of joy from those who love summer there are also cringes of anxiety from those who know that summer means storms, which means thunder and lightning. And for many dog owners, that means dealing with panting, trembling, drooling dogs trying to hide under the couch or taking refuge in the bathtub.   Continue Reading
  • Almost Wordless Weekend — Escaped Tongue Syndrome

  • EDITORIAL: Why This Washington Post Columnist Needs a Reality Check

    The headline was everything a rescue group doesn’t want to see: Why I’d Never Adopt a Shelter Dog Again.   It went downhill from there. The writer, Erin Auerbach, had adopted several dogs from shelters over the years, including a Boston Terrier and a pug. They eventually got sick and – stop the presses – over the years (in once Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday Photobomb!

    The beautiful Zara-the-Saluki would like to say . . . we interrupt this caption to say that photobomber Luke-the-galgo would like to say Hi . Zara would like to continue and to say she is a fabulous dog and available for adoption. Luke would like to interrupt -- again -- to say he is also available PLUS he's called Mr. Continue Reading
  • Dogs In The News – An Unofficial SHUG Quiz

    Are you a news junkie . . . A dog person? If yes, you might consider yourself particularly well informed about "pooches in the paper." So take our quiz and test your knowledge. (Answers are at the bottom.)     1. A North Carolina woman was recently trying to raise money to bring her adopted dog, Peanut, to what kind of contest Continue Reading
  • Confessions of a Crazy Dog Lady

    No words for this abuse. Shameful. Someone rescue her!   So here I am, happy to post these awesome pictures of my companion at a birthday party. You know the ones - party hat, funny face, birthday decorations. Only to receive the above comments.   Well you see, my companion is a friend. The one who happily greets me from Continue Reading
  • Checking In On . . . Faridah-the-Saluki

    It was hot and dirty and mom was doing her best to raise Faridah and his three brothers in the desert all alone.   Fortunately, volunteers found them before heat and thirst threatened the little Saluki family and they were all rescued.  A warmed-hearted volunteer eventually brought darling Faridah from Qatar to SHUG (and the rest of the family also Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Have a Safe July 4th

    Neve-the-Galgo celebrates her first Fourth of July as an American dog. She wishes everyone a wonderful Independence Day. She also warns you to be careful about fireworks scaring your pups and sending them fleeing through open doors or unlocked gates. Have fun, but stay safe out there people!
  • From the Director: Zero to Hero

    Sunday, May 18th, was Zero's fourth birthday . . . it was also the day his owner surrendered him to the Sighthound Underground. After dealing with thousands of dollars of surgery, weeks of a dog in pain and dragging around a cast nearly as big as he is, Zero's owner knew it was time to ask for help.   So Continue Reading
  • From the Director: First and Fifth

    The two brothers in the picture at right are the first and fifth of six siblings to be adopted. These six Galgo crosses came over in two trips. The first four arrived in November of last year, the same weekend that SHUG was presenting at Greyhounds Rock in Fredericksburg, Va.   One of our awesome transporters arrived at the event with these Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Sometimes, You Just Need Some Company

        Jack-the-Lurcher takes his Mother Bunny on a potty break. Do you have a Mother Bunny who needs           some extra attention? Jack is available for adoption . . .
  • Single Spanish Female ISO . . . The Right Match

    Who:               7-year-old female Where:           Virginia (but willing to relocate anywhere in the U.S. or Canada) Seeking:          True Love and a long term commitment   Have kids?      Probably, but have lost touch with them Want kids?     No more for me, thanks! But I'm very good with human children Ethnicity:        Spanish (Galga) Body type:      Athletic and Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday: Victoria the Great

    Do you like big brown eyes and white fuzzy eyebrows? (Really, who doesn't?) This pretty Galgo from Spain is also a fun girl who loves gentle play time, is good on the leash, does great with other dogs, is sweet with her iggie foster brother and loves to sit next to her people on the couch. She’ll even occasionally rub Continue Reading
  • Even the City Dog Needs To Be Safe from Wiley Coyote

    Rock Creek Park is a delightful swath of 1,700 acres of dense forest, hiking trails, wildlife and bubbling creeks just a 10-minute drive from the White House. There is an abundance of wildlife for such an urban environment. The park has foxes, deer, birds, the occasional beaver -- and the more-than-occasional coyote.   Yes, there are coyotes in the nation’s Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: So, Iz This Yours?

  • Connor’s Great Adventure

    First Connor gets adopted by a wonderful family and goes to live in Anchorage where he makes friends with a moose and puts his Russian heritage to good use all winter. Then comes spring and it’s time to take a vacation – Alaska style.       But getting there was no walk in the park.       First Continue Reading
  • Foster Friday — Beau and Bernie

    Beau and Bernie are Galgo/yellow lab crosses from Spain – and they are a blast. They are just under a year old and cat safe and good with kids and other dogs.     They play hard together, but are respectful of their elders, clean in the house and are total lovebugs. They have the best of both their parents, Continue Reading
  • From the Director: I Touch Poop

    Hi, my name is Michael. And I touch poop. A lot. This is not, however, by choice. In fact, I expend a great deal of mental energy trying to convince myself that it isn't poop. I often tell myself it's mud. (Dear God, please just let it be mud.)   If I can't convince myself that whatever I may be Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Basenji + Baby = Shaming

                                        Um, yeah, we think this needs no caption. Thanks to Baltimore Basenji for the photo.
  • What Is Black and White and Cute all Over?

    Chuli, Jana, Maxima and Victoria – of course! All four of these flashy Galgos are available for adoption to homes throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here’s the skinny:       Chuli is a 9 year- old who thinks he's a 2! He's also a complete love sponge who is making up for lost couch time in Spain by cuddling Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Happy Belated World Turtle Day

    Autumn would like you to know that yesterday was World Turtle Day – and you missed it! But it’s not too late. Turtles are special – even the stuffy kind – and they need our protection and help. For more information, check out American Tortoise Rescue. And remember, when a turtle is crossing the road – for whatever reason -- Continue Reading
  • Alaska Bound!

    Concha is on her way to Alaska! After spending yesterday hanging out with the crew at SHUG HQ--and being molested by resident terrierist Barbara Ann--Concha is looking forward to hanging out with someone a little less annoying . . . like a Moose! Her new home will be Anchorage, where Concha will become SHUG's second Alaskan pup--and the 151st dog we've Continue Reading
  • Spotlight On . . . Usa

    Though we don't know the details, Usa, as a Spanish Galgo, no doubt had the usual precarious start in life so common there. Then he was rescued by a police officer and brought to the Baasgalgo rescue in Madrid.   Now the three-year-old brindle boy is settling into retirement in the U.S., getting the hang of couches and car rides, Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — I Can Run Really, Really Fast

    Yes, I can run. Fast. Fast. Fast. I’m a speedster. Yawn. Fast. Really fast. I still like to hit the track occasionally. Yawn. No, really. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • A Really Reliable Recall

    To veer into the financial world for a metaphor, a Really Reliable Recall isn't a CD--it's a savings account. The kind of savings accounts people don't seem to have anymore, where you put in $5 a week and then get back a little nest egg just in time for Christmas. You have to "invest" in your recall on a regular Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Happy BroodMama’s Day

    While we honor our mothers on Sunday, let’s also give a shout out to all those brave and loving broodies everywhere. And if you’ve never offered a couch to one of these often older mamas, you don’t know what you’re missing. SHUG supporter Tracey McLaurin knows the magic. She adopted Mama Eve, with the grey face, and her daughters Dora Continue Reading
  • Doggie Monikers — What’s In a Name?

    When Shakespeare penned "a rose by any other name," he clearly wasn't thinking of racing Greyhounds -- some of whom are burdened with such inglorious names as Full Beer Fridge or Runya Beach. (Say it  out loud.) We certainly hope their kennel names were a bit kinder.   For those who have adopted ex-racing Greyhounds, the question of what to Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — How NOT to Feed the Dog

  • Spotlight On . . . Jack the Lurcher

    There’s Jack Nicklaus. And Jack Daniels, Jack Kennedy, Jack O’Lantern, Jack Ryan and Jack Nicholson. And then there’s Jack the lurcher.   Jack’s claim to fame? He’ll make some family very happy someday.   Jack is a greyhound or greyhound mix who came from a field trialer in central Ohio.  We don’t know much about this sweet boy’s past. We Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: Pretty as a Picture

    If we were a painter, we'd call this: Portrait of a Precious Pup with Pillow.
  • From the Director: What Will Your Couch Look Like in 10 Years?

    Are you lucky enough to have a retired racing Greyhound (or two or three!) lounging on your couch? We are! Nearly a decade ago we were inducted into the cult of the Greyhound by Johnny Jazz, formerly of Seabrook Park in New Hampshire.   This year John will turn 12 and he's slowed down quite a bit--of course he was Continue Reading
  • Wordless Weekend: Paola-the-Galga Says “Happy Easter!”

  • The Ultimate Safety Net

    Although Peter Pumpkin was the product of an "oops litter," he had a good life. His owner kept Peter and his littermates after their birth and they had a loving home for many, many years. Then Peter's owner got sick. Although she paid someone to take care of her dogs when she went into the hospital for an extended stay, Continue Reading
  • Don’t Shoot The Dog . . . Until You Read This! (It’s Not What You Think)

    I take too many photos of my dogs. Said no dog-owner. Ever.   Smartphones and point-and-shoot digital cameras make it all too easy to snap away and away and away. But that doesn’t mean our photos are any good. In fact, many of them leave a lot to be desired.   So here are some quick tips provided by two Continue Reading
  • Snoopy is NOT Pleased . . .

    He believes you are not taking National Adopt a Greyhound Galgo Month seriously enough. He says its time to check out available pups and add four paws to your couch. Only three more weeks left!
  • Enucleation – Not As Terrible As it Sounds

    The vet made a face when looking at Gus’ left eye during his annual check-up. He made weird clucking noises. He looked at it from different angles and kept shining his very bright light at it for a very long time. This doesn’t look good, he said, and pointed out to Gus' owner what looked like a small marble inside Continue Reading
  • Boo, Beth, Beauty and Bobby – An Update

    Their mama was a Galga, who had been abandoned to give birth on the streets of Spain. Their papa was a mystery but we suspect he may have been a yellow lab. Galgos del Sol took in the beautiful Galga and her nearly identical 11 -- yes, 11! — cream-colored puppies despite their overflowing shelter.   Four of the litter Continue Reading
  • April Is National Adopt A Greyhound Month But . . .

    Snoopy wants you to know that means Spanish galgos, too. What's a galgo? Check this out. SHUG is bringing more galgos over from Spain this Spring. Keep your eyes here. Make it an April to remember!
  • The Scoop on Poop . . . Eating

    In a previous post, we talked in great detail about poop -- with pictures! -- but there is another side to the story. If you have delicate sensibilities, or are eating breakfast, you might want to stop reading now. If you’re sufficiently prepared, we shall now commence to talk about poop eating.   First, it’s officially called copraphagia and it Continue Reading
  • Why Ibizan Hounds?

    Exhibit A: See photo. Yes, Julia the Ibizan puppy is cute. So is her littermate, Merri, aka Exhibit B. (And, yes, both have adopters). But it's more than just being cute. Ibizan hounds are another Sighthound breed – along with Galgos – that are used for hunting in Spain, bred indiscriminately, and then discarded or killed when they are no Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Wednesday — A Belated Happy International Puppy Day

    March 23rd was, apparently, International Puppy Day. We missed it! Oops. Our bad. The appropriate SHUG volunteer has been disciplined with puppy poop duty. In the meantime, in honor of puppies needing homes everywhere, we present Merri, a recently adopted SHUG puppy. She is an Ibizan Hound from Spain and two of her littermates will soon be flying across the Continue Reading
  • Beauty That is Exactly Skin Deep

    There is an adage that much loved pets leave their paw prints on our hearts. While that is certainly true, some SHUG volunteers and adopters take it one step further. They want their love for their Sighthounds permanently etched in their skin in a range of unique tattoos stunning in their intricacy and beauty.     The tattoo that Jill, Continue Reading
  • The Definition of Little-Dog Safe

    The definition of little dog safe.
  • FREE TO A GOOD HOME: A Fate Worse Than Death

    At first glance, it might seem like the right thing to do. After all, you don't want to "sell" your loved one. So you decide to give your dog away for free when you can no longer take care of it. Certainly, you reason, someone will give it a loving home – and so you post it on Craig’s List. Continue Reading
  • Waku AKA Oscar Wishes You A Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    Kiss me--I'm Irish!
  • Separation Anxiety: It’s Not Easy Being Alone

    It’s a day Jorja Stephensen won’t soon forget. She was fostering a six-month-old puppy for SHUG and things were going well. Over the course of several days, the pup was picking up on potty training, and was loving and snuggly. One day, Jorja had errands to run and she put Scarlett in her crate and left for an hour. When Continue Reading
  • Two Bumpy Puppies Need Someone to See The Beauty Within

    Dora and Davey are going through, shall we say, an awkward period. The three-month-old littermates were born in the U.S. to a Saluki mom from Kuwait. Of the six unexpected puppies, these two – and their rather severe case of demodectic mange -- were surrendered to SHUG.   First off – this type of mange is not contagious to other Continue Reading
  • Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About SHUG

    1. SHUG’s first dog was Mariposa, a Galgo puppy whose name means butterfly. She was adopted by Rachel Guthrie, who drove from upstate New York to Falls Church, Va., to pick up her dog. That was our first clue that people might be a tad interested in Galgos.   2. By far the most popular post on the SHUG blog Continue Reading
  • Senior Gentleman ISO Lovely Lady for LTR (Long-Term Relationship)

    I am a quiet type who doesn’t need a lot of room. I would do well in an apartment or condo, and I don’t need other dogs for company. Ladies are my preference and cats, well, I don’t do cats. I’m told my matchmaking fee is lower because I’m a senior. Are you willing to take a chance on love?
  • SHUG Volunteers Save Dogs–and Sometimes Humans Too!

    Kristie is all hooked up and ready to donate.   SHUG volunteers live all across the country, in big cities and small towns. They have different religions, political, educational, and family backgrounds. What they have in common -- besides a high tolerance for dog hair -- is a desire to make a difference. And not necessarily just with animals. Case Continue Reading
  • I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

    Says Nizo-the-galgo, newly arrived in the U.S. from Spain. Is this the first time he's seen white stuff falling from the sky? Maybe. But he's not impressed.
  • Ode To the Resident Dogs

    They come in, often skinny and scared. They may smell funny. They might creep into the best bed. They need attention. They don’t know the house rules. They are the foster dogs.   And the heroes of this scenario are often thought to be the foster parents, who open their lives to this parade of needy pups. Without foster homes, Continue Reading
  • Doggie CPR – It Can Save a Life

    Dusha was saved by a quick-thinking owner and timely CPR.   Kelly Mattiuz, of Arizona, had a medical background and while she knew human CPR, she also wanted to know what to do in a doggie emergency. So she took a canine CPR class – and she made her husband, David, go with her. As it turned out, that made Continue Reading
  • The Afghan Mix Pups – How Hairy Are They Now?

    It was an “oops” breeding in Colorado between an Afghan hound and an Ibizan Hound, and SHUG first took four pups and then another three from the litter of nine. They were active, ranged from cream to red, were impossibly cute and they came with an air of mystery – what would they eventually look like?   We had reason Continue Reading
  • You Might Remember Zaina – The Hard-Luck Saluki

    First, she was hit by a car in her native Qatar. Then she came to SHUG with a surgically repaired front leg that she steadfastly refused to use. Then she got adopted into a wonderful family with a four-foot-fence—which the essentially three-legged Zaina cleared one day. Her heartbroken family had to return her to SHUG.   Zaina-the-desert-princess was, shall we Continue Reading
  • You There — Finish Eating Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate Today

    This is a Public Service Announcement from Piggy the faux Italian Greyhound:   Chocolate is dangerous to dogs. To safeguard their health, you must eat all the candy in that heart-shaped box. Today. Really. It's for the best. You're welcome.
  • From the Director: Inch by Inch

    No one knows where he came from, but somehow this sweet Greyhound boy found himself in a kill shelter overseas. He had open wounds, intestinal parasites, and heart worms -- and his story could have ended there. But this lucky boy found a group of Sighthound lovers who helped him find his way to North America and the good life. Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Desert Saluki Says Snow Is . . .

    . . just like really cool sand!
  • The Scores Are In – Sighthound Roaching Competition Results!

    Athletes from around the world are meeting in Sochi, Russia their living rooms to test their skills against the best of the best. It’s true – they’ve been training their whole lives to achieve the flair, athleticism and endurance necessary to achieve perfection in their flat-on-their-back and all legs in the air maneuver.   So take a look at the eight Continue Reading
  • Drivers Wanted!

    Here at the Sighthound Underground we've gotten pretty good at smuggling transporting dogs. They come from all over the world and travel all over the country. Many of our dogs take to the skies to make their trips home, but for some that final destination comes at the end of a long car trip.   And that's where you can Continue Reading
  • The Difference a Tattoo Makes

    Isn’t Peter handsome? How cute is Jack? These two handsome boys are looking for a couch to call their own.   If they were retired racing Greyhounds, there would be dozens of groups and literally thousands of volunteers to help them find their way home.   But these dogs aren't racers. How can you tell? They don't have ink in Continue Reading
  • Six More Weeks of Winter?

    Just give me one minute with that stupid woodchuck and he'll never see his shadow again!
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Go Sea Hawks!

    Samson-the-Saluki is willing to look this ridiculous just to make clear who he'll be rooting for on Sunday. Does your pooch have a Super Bowl favorite? (Samson is available for adoption. You can apply even if you're rooting for the Broncos.)
  • Message From the Director: Many Voices

    We are a voice for the Galgos . . . and we are not alone. Will you join us? Starting February 1st, we are making it easier than ever. In honor of World Galgo Day, the Sighthound Underground is lowering our adoption fee for all international rescues to $650.   Every day more and more voices join ours in telling Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: A Boy and His Ball

    Well, in this case, the boy is Sonny, the borzoi. But he definitely does(heart) his soccer ball!
  • And Now For the Rest of the Story . . . Ramalama, the Shy Galga

    Rama, with her BFF Sebastian, is happily settled into life in the U.S.   You may remember our little Rama (aka Ramalama) -- the tiny, brindle girl from Galgos del Sol. After trying to catch her without any success, the team there was forced to dart her in the street to keep her from running into traffic. And even after Continue Reading
  • Got Snow?

    Alma aka Fawn demonstrates her snow romping technique while the rest of us are so done with winter already.
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Murphy Says . . .

  • Catching Galgos 101: Bring Patience and Food — UPDATE!

      For once, Mandy Simspon of Galgos del Sol, said, it was easy. The brindle Galga had been running loose for days and Mandy was dispatched to try and lure her into the car. As soon as Mandy got there to begin the often lengthy and trying ordeal of catching her, she ran up for a cuddle. Chalk one up Continue Reading
  • Spotlight On . . . Binky

    My Dearest Subjects: I am Princess Binky. You may call me Your Highness or Your Majesty. (Once we get to know each other well, I may also respond to Beautiful and Pretty Girl.) For those who have not yet been graced by my presence, I am wonderful and fantastic. I am also a very beautiful good-things-come-in-small-packages smooth saluki from Qatar. Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: Only 161 Days Until . . .

  • For Your Winter Entertainment: A Completely Random List of Dog-Related Movies

    If you’re anything like us, you get pretty excited when there’s a "Sighthound Sighting" in a movie. We’ll even get excited about another breed getting a walk-on part in a film.   And, of course, (we are dog people after all), we may even go to a movie just because it’s all about a dog -- at least when they Continue Reading
  • A Pilgrimage: To the Well and Back

    Sherry Van Dyke's sweet girl Pilar is home now, safe and warm on her own soft couch . . . but nine months ago she was in the bottom of a well in Spain. When Sherry Van Dyke talks about traveling to Spain and looking into the dry well that could have been the grave of her lovely Galga she Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend Part II — Bundle Up Them Doggies

  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: Greeting the New Year

  • Seniors Rock the New Year

    I may have some white on my muzzle. I may be a tad slower of step. I may have lost a tooth or two along the way. And I may have some scars both inside and out--but I’m still a good dog and just as good at holding down your couch as any other Sighthound!   Will you take a Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: So a Moose Walks Up To a Window

    And he asks, "What did you get for Christmas?" And the borzoi replies, "What kind of weird hat are you wearing?" And so goes another unsuccessful interspecies conversation courtesy of Connor, a SHUG adoptee now living the good life in Alaska.
  • From the Director: This Is What We Wish For You

    From all of us here at SHUG to all of our adopters, volunteers, foster parents, and supporters around the globe -- we could wish you a Happy Holiday in a dozen ways. We know we all come from different backgrounds and celebrate this season in various ways. But the one thing we have in common are the tall, skinny dogs Continue Reading
  • Waiting for Santa . . .

  • It’s A Galgo Christmas!

    All these Galgos want for Christmas . . . is you! And your couch. And some toys and lots of treats. Possibly a new collar or three. You get the idea. These Galgos have all escaped from their previous lives in Spain and are safe and warm this holiday season in their foster homes -- but they'd still much rather Continue Reading
  • ‘Tis the Season . . . to Pee on the Christmas Tree

    Our beloved pets do seem to enjoy the holidays – well, except when we make them wear hats.   They are clearly joyous that you have dragged inside a lovely tree so they don’t have to traipse through the snow to do their business. They are grateful for the Christmas cookies and glass of milk you leave very uncharacteristically in Continue Reading
  • (Almost Wordless Weekend): We Three Iggies of Virginia Are . . .

    Bearing gifts we travel so far Field and fountain, moor and mountain Following yonder star   O Star of wonder, star of night Star with royal beauty bright Westward leading, still proceeding Guide us to thy Perfect Light  
  • Does This Martingale Make My Dog’s Butt Look Big?

    We've been trying to find a nice way to tell you, so we held a meeting and decided it was time for an intervention. So here it is: Your Sighthound is fat.   I know this comes as a terrible shock—and it doesn’t mean your Greyhound or Saluki or Borzoi isn’t beautiful and sweet and well-loved. It does, however, mean Continue Reading
  • The Rest of the Story: Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa’s life “before” is a big question mark. We do know she was about six and blind in one eye – probably from a blow to the head – before she landed at Scooby, the largest dog shelter in Spain. But her “after” is anything but a question mark. Now, she is a beloved pet living large in Oklahoma. Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend Part II — Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — Lego My Santa Hat

  • Arkansas Angels: Dottie and Joe Part II

    Time and patience, good food, warm blankets, soft voices and the loving attention of other dogs are good medicine. For Joe and Dottie, two mistreated Italian greyhounds from Arkansas, it meant the difference between a happy life and a lonely death.   It was Joe, 5 years old and in better health, who bounced back first. He played with toys Continue Reading
  • Arkansas Angels: Dottie and Joe Part I

    This story, like most rescue stories, starts out bad. And then it gets worse.   Dottie and Joe were two Italian Greyhounds living in Arkansas. Their owner moved into a home that didn't allow dogs and the pair soon found themselves living outside. In October. In the cold. With a Nor’easter fast approaching. The Craig’s list ad said the owner Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend — The Holiday Season Begins

    Nero says you may all now commence with holiday chaos. The Season To Be Jolly has officially begun. (Nero is a Spanish galgo hoping to get his forever home for Christmas. He promised Santa he has been extra, special good this year.)
  • Thanksgiving Is Going to the Dogs

    What do carrots, turkey, sweet potatoes and apples have in common? They’re all staples of an American Thanksgiving. But they’re also perfect ingredients for home-made doggy treats.   So, tomorrow, plunk the guests in front of the football game and take a few minutes to turn the ingredients you’ve already got in the kitchen into special morsels for – let’s Continue Reading
  • Message From the Director: Giving Thanks for an Extended SHUG Family

    Our volunteers at SHUG do a great job of making our work look easy – even when it’s not. Over the past year we've learned a lot and gotten pretty good at this rescue thing (with a few notable exceptions). The credit goes not just to the wonderful SHUG volunteers, but also to those who volunteer for our partners here Continue Reading
  • The Top Ten Hints That You Might Be a Sighthound Person . . .

    10. You’ve bought a car specifically because of the number of tall, skinny dogs you could fit into it.   9. You factor in “dogage” when you cook and make a little extra to dole out to the supervisory canine staff.   8. You have slept sideways across your bed (or even on the couch or the floor) because you Continue Reading
  • So you want to adopt a Sighthound . . . Part II

    Last week, we put out the first part of our Q&As for Sighthound owners. Here is the promised Part II:   Q. Does my Sighthound have some kind of depth perception problem? He can't seem to get his whole body on a bed and always chooses the smallest one in the house.   A. No, he's just weird. Just accept that Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: Saluki Origami

  • So You Want to Adopt a Sighthound . . . Part I

    Sighthounds are special. Of course, all dogs are special and we all think our dogs are unique in some way . . . but as a group, Sighthounds are just a little outside the realm of normal. If you've never owned a Sighthound before, below are some useful pointers. If you have, then consider this an opportunity to commiserate and Continue Reading
  • (Almost) Wordless Weekend: Check out Mr. January

    Who is this handsome hunk, you ask? He is one of the hot dogs featured in the SHUG's 2014 calendar. You can get a calendar of your own and help support the transport costs and vet bills of future SHUG dogs. They're just $15 plus $2 shipping via PayPal to Get 'em before they're gone!
  • From the Director: Last Weekend Rocked!

    Were you there? We were! The Sighthound Underground was very happy to have a booth at the Greyhounds Rock  conference to support dogs with cancer this past weekend, and I personally was honored to be asked to speak.   My presentation was about SHUG and how the Sighthound worlds intersect. Yes, I did have a heckler in the audience--but at Continue Reading
  • Trust Us, This Really Is A Great Gift!

    Happy Birthday to the Puppy Brigade!   Beth, Beauty, Boo, and Bobby – Galgo puppies that arrived from Spain just three days ago -- turned four months old today! That's a huge milestone for any puppy so we decided to get them some very special presents . . . neuters!   Okay, maybe having your gonads removed isn't as fun Continue Reading
  • The Scoop on Poop

    Sighthound owners are obsessed with poop. It's a fact of life and we've grown to accept it. Since poop is one of the best indicators of health, our hyper vigilance comes in handy at times. The truth is all of our Sighthounds will have poop problems sooner or later. It helps to know what the poop is trying to tell Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

    Oh, yes! Four of these little galgo goblins are headed to SHUG this weekend from Murcia, Spain. They're headed for wonderful, loving homes -- soon. But we'll be wrangling the boo-ti-ful little critters in the meantime. Wish us luck!   And if you're headed to Greyhounds Rock in Fredericksburg, Va., on Sunday, you'll be able to meet the little monsters in person. Continue Reading
  • Spotlight on . . . Rabito

    As John Steinbeck pointed out: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry . . .   Such was the case of Rabito, a stunning 9-year-old fawn male Galgo left for dead at a Spanish kill shelter when his owner tired of him. He was rescued by Galgos del Sol and then adopted through SHUG to a Continue Reading
  • The Heartbreak of Heartworms

    “Speaking from the heart” is a good thing. “Warming the cockles of your heart” is a good thing. Heartworms – not a good thing.   It happened recently to Oakley, a retired racing Greyhound being rehomed through GPA Indianapolis. Like many with the disease, Oakley had no symptoms before he turned up positive on a routine heartworm test. He’s now Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Getting a Head Start on the Holidays

    Lovely Tazi, the saluki, gets on her early holiday season vibe thanks to the donation of Alibar Knits and the relentless bidding of her mom during SHUG's recent fund-raising auction.   Really, if this doesn't get you yearning for Old Man Winter, well we just don't know what to say.
  • Checking In With . . . Flower

    She was the perfect girl right from the start – lying quietly in the back of the SHUG-mobile with four Borzoi boys, three of whom still had original equipment. But she stayed properly out of the fray, didn’t make so much as a peep and looked so lovely in her martingale with the big fabric peony. So the Borzoi who Continue Reading
  • Message from the SHUG Director: If Love Was Easy There Would Be No Love Songs

    Not long ago, a beautiful girl was rescued by one of the shelters we partner with in Spain. She had cascading health issues and before we knew it, she was gone. Like so many before her, she touched hearts around the world. One of those she touched sent me this question:   "I kept asking myself.....why am I shedding tears Continue Reading
  • A Loose Sighthound — The Owner’s Nightmare

    What keeps you up at night? We did a recent blog post about the dangers of trusting your dog -- pounding home the point you should never let your Sighthound off lead. But the terrifying reality is that no matter how paranoid you are, one day your dog may get loose. It could be a faulty leash clasp or the Continue Reading
  • Have You Hugged a Lurcher Today?

    Last week the Ohio Lurcher Project asked us if we could take two senior Sighthounds. Lurchers are facing tough conditions in the Midwest and the local Greyhound community has started to take notice. They told us the dogs were 11 and 12 years old -- and the 11 year old had just had puppies four months ago -- and their Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — A Sneak Peak

  • Spotlight on . . . Zaina

    This week's blog brought to you by the letter Z.   A is for adorable but Z is for Zaina! And Zaina, a smooth Saluki from Qatar, definitely puts the Q in Quirky!   Zaina is a sweet, somewhat opinionated girl from the desert. She came to SHUG with a surgically repaired leg that didn't work very well. After hydrotherapy Continue Reading
  • Trust – It Should be a Four-Letter Word

    Your Sighthound can never go off-leash in an unfenced area. EVER. And we really, really mean that. It's Sighthound 101. It’s the first commandment of most Greyhound rescue groups. It’s drilled into the heads of adopters from coast to coast.   And, yet, inevitably, tragically, some people think they and their dogs are the exception. The rules don’t apply to Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

    Dear Viewer: Please do not laugh at me. I am a very scary dragon. I'm working up to the whole fire-breathing thingee. Just give me a second. OK, give me another second. HMMMMM. I think maybe I saw a spark bounce off my nose. Maybe I need more practice.   As you can see, I'm celebrating Halloween early! I have been Continue Reading
  • The “Birth” of a SHUGer Dollie

    Awwww. You have to admit, these colorful dogs of uncertain breeding are super cute. And they are an important way SHUG raises funds to bring more dogs from Spain and the Middle East to American couches. But all that cuteness comes with a lot of hard work.   Steps to making SHUGer Dollies:   • Drive to the fabric store Continue Reading
  • SHUG Says: No Naked Dogs!

    Many Sighthound owners have well documented collar obsessions.   If your Greyhound has never worn the same collar to a Meet & Greet twice, then yes . . . we may be talking about you. If your dog has more martingales than you have shoes, then yes . . . we may be talking about you. If there is a Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — The Ears Have It

  • Spotlight on . . . Lego

    If you've been paying attention, this story will sound familiar. A Saluki was hit by a car and left for dead by the side of the road . . . one of the wonderful rescue volunteers in Qatar found him and nursed him back to health . . . and sent him to SHUG where we made the poor thing Continue Reading
  • Why Puppies? Why Not!

    Why does SHUG bring puppies over from Spain and the Middle East for adoption to homes in North America? We present to you . . . Exhibit A. In all seriousness, though, there are some very practical reasons – on both ends of the Atlantic – for why SHUG is willing, and even eager, to bring over puppies.   Puppy Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — The Doggie Confession Couch

  • It’s Raining Dogs – Where Are They Coming From?

    Sometimes it feels like it's raining dogs here at SHUG HQ. One of the questions we're often asked is where our dogs come from. In addition to working closely with some really wonderful rescues and shelters in the states and overseas, SHUG also receives dogs as "owner surrenders." This means the dog's owner can't care for them anymore and has Continue Reading
  • Dog Rescue — It Takes a Village

    If we didn’t fully realize before how interconnected dog rescue is – and how great things happen when people work together – well, we certainly do now.   This past Sunday started out so well planned. A network of volunteers coordinated by Larry Bowersox of Grapehounds were planning to drive two SHUG dogs from Virginia to New York -- a Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday: Lego Goes Swimming!

    Lego, the Saluki from Qatar, gets his first swim therapy session. Don't let the pitiful expression fool you! He took to it like a duck to water and did four laps of the pool. He'll be getting therapy three times a week to strengthen his back legs, broken when he was hit by a car in his native country.
  • It’s Time to Step Up

    You can hear the weariness in the short Facebook post: As hunting season draws closer the injured and nonuseable Galgos will now be disposed of. Daily we are seeing new Galgos on the streets and here is another new one. Sadly Janet lost him as it got too dark. He's limping and frightened. We will try again.   The update Continue Reading
  • Spotlight On . . . Intrepid

    Let’s give props where they are due – Intrepid, a three-year-old ex-racing Greyhound, is awesome on walks. He doesn’t sniff every blade of grass. He doesn’t pee on every tree. He doesn’t pull or weave back and forth. Intrepid just walks like a true gentleman right by your side and is a joy to stroll with. Are you looking for Continue Reading
  • SHUG Says: Basket Muzzles for Everyone!

    Racing Greyhounds wear plastic basket muzzles in the turn out pen and on the track. They keep the racers, which have very thin skin, safe as they play and run since many Greyhounds have a tendency to nip in the excitement of the chase.   Those who adopt retired racers are generally encouraged to use muzzles, at least initially, and Continue Reading
  • What The Heck is a SHUG?

    SHUG -- the Sighthound Underground -- is a multi-breed global rescue formed in 2013 in the Washington D.C. area with a goal of rescuing, rehabilitating, transporting, and supporting Sighthounds around the world.   Many breeds have dedicated rescue groups, including those that re-home ex-racing Greyhounds, and many of the volunteers with SHUG are also active in such groups. But SHUG Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — A Boy and His Dog

  • Seniors Rock – The Argument for Adopting an Older Dog (And a Scarlett Update, Too!)

    Scarlett – racing name Water Orchid – is an 11-year-old red greyhound who lost an eye to glaucoma. She is sweet, calm and doesn’t act her age and was a SHUG available adoptee for about a nanosecond before she was snapped up!   Now some who saw Scarlett’s photo may have simply said she was “too old.” Most veterinarians consider Continue Reading
  • Dog Parks – A Great Idea That Isn’t Always a Great Reality

    The Sighthound Underground is not a big fan of dog parks. In fact, we're officially against taking your Sighthound to a public dog park.   All too often we've seen unfamiliar dogs get aggressive or small dogs get frisky and try to “run with the big dogs.” Either way, someone gets hurt. And while it’s usually the dog owner who Continue Reading
  • Spotlight on . . . Senator

    SL Senator is a 4-year-old former racing greyhound from the track in Mobile, Alabama. He isn't a big boy--but he has a huge heart! And did we mention he's super cute?!   Senator is a “turn key dog.” He is sweet and loving – and will make sure you never had to use the bathroom alone ever again! He’s just Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday — Ear Kisses for an American Volunteer

    Residents at Galgos del Sol, in Murcia, Spain, give some loving to Paul, an American who flew to Spain from the U.S. to bring dogs back for SHUG. We're always looking for travel patrons. Let us know if you're traveling to Spain in the future. You, too, could get some galgo kisses.
  • A Desert Rose Thrives in New England

    Caramel, a smooth, fawn Saluki, was hit by a car in her native Doha. Her owner chose to abandon her but volunteers from Dogs in Doha stepped in and saved her. The group paid for her broken hip to be repaired and then nursed this sweet little girl back to health.   It was the beginning of a new lucky Continue Reading
  • Message From the Director

    Thank you so much for your support of this blog and our Facebook page. We now have over 2000 fans on Facebook! – a milestone we’re going to be celebrating in a special way, so stay tuned for that announcement. And we really appreciate all the “Shares” for our blog posts. This is how we get the word out about Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday: Tilly the Honorary Iggie

    Tilly is an "honorary" Italian greyhound recently adopted by one of our SHUG volunteers. Here she's getting a special treatment for a skin condition and we just had to share.   She was discarded by her "forever" family as she hit double digits and was deemed "too old." Really? Look at this sweet face! What is wrong with people? Her new Continue Reading
  • Borzois – The Original Cold Weather Sighthound

    It's Borzoi week at the Sighthound Underground! Have you met Flower? Were you wowed by Marcus? Well, guess what? Two more young Borzoi boys have landed at SHUG HQ. Two big beautiful red boys we’re calling Red and Copilot.   They’re all gorgeous and quickly learning the ropes of being indoor pets in their foster homes. But do you know Continue Reading
  • Pilar – The Dog Thrown Down the Well

    Some of you may remember Pilar, the beautiful white fuzzy Galgo who was thrown down a well in her native Spain. Once Pilar was rescued from the well, she went to Galgos del Sol in Murcia, one of the shelters SHUG works with. Pilar had apparently landed on another dog tossed in the well first, and didn’t have any physical Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday: Marcus the Rock Star!

  • The Joy of Fostering

    Like many rescue groups, SHUG relies heavily on foster homes to complete its mission. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can help. In the past, the few Galgo groups in the U.S. only brought over dogs after an adopter had been approved--and footed the bill. One of SHUG's initial goals was to offer a different model Continue Reading
  • Adopting Through SHUG — How it Works

    So you’ve followed us on Facebook, read our blog posts, and now you've started dreaming about one of our SHUGer babies. Now what? Are you ready to adopt?   So how do SHUG adoptions work?   First, you have to submit an application. You can download it from our web site at and email to us at or fax it Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesday: A Snaggle of Sighthounds?

  • First Person: My Experience at the Rainbow Bridge

    It’s been a tough few weeks for some of the volunteers and supporters of SHUG. An unusually large number of dogs (big and small) have been helped to the Rainbow Bridge. Even for those experienced with the process, it is a shattering, heart-breaking time.   I am a SHUG volunteer and I had an experience some 10 years ago “at Continue Reading
  • A Doggie Party With a Serious Purpose

    Every six weeks or so, Wynn, a retired racing greyhound, eagerly waits for his turn to be lifted on a portable table, cradled by a large (very gentle) vet tech and hand fed pieces of kibble dipped in peanut butter.   Joining him at the private home in Northern Virginia, most times, are galgos, borzois and other greyhounds. It’s a Continue Reading
  • Wordless Wednesdays: Saluki Sweetness

  • Pool Time for Pups

    You might have seen the videos on our Facebook page – cute dogs in bright yellow flotation vests paddling around an indoor pool while being cheered on by their foster parents.   Has SHUG lost its collective mind?   Well, maybe, but not in regards to swim therapy! Swim or Hydro Therapy is a great option for many dogs, especially Continue Reading
  • Mariposa – A Galgo Puppy Update

    You may remember Mariposa AKA the cutest fawn puppy ever and one of the very first SHUGer Babies! She was adopted by Rachel Guthrie and Kyle Kuba of Rochester, N.Y.   Mariposa was born in Spain and surrendered to a shelter by a hunter, along with her sister and their parents. In March Rachel drove to Virginia with her father Continue Reading
  • SHUG’s POV – Emphasizing the Positive

    The plight of the Spanish Galgo is important to understanding why SHUG – and other groups around the world – are working so hard to bring them over from their native country and find them new homes. We know they are abused, abandoned, neglected and killed. We’ve heard the stories of them being hung from trees or thrown down wells. Continue Reading
  • Welcome to the Sighthound Underground Blog!

    Welcome to the Blog! This is the Sighthound Underground and we're very happy to invite you to become an active part of our new blog. This site works with our Facebook page and main website to keep you up-to-date on SHUG's activities and Sighthound news from around the world. We're also hoping to raise awareness, help some deserving dogs find Continue Reading
  • Open Forum

    The Sighthound Underground welcomes comments on the topics we’re blogging about. But we realize there are other topics you might want to talk about. This post serves as the Open Forum section of the SHUG Blog. You may post comments here on any topic relevant to the role and mission of SHUG. Comments here are still moderated and must adhere to Continue Reading