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First Person: Tamar the Therapy Galgo

I knew when I adopted her she was something special. I have owned four dogs in my life -- beagle, lab and greyhound, but she was different. She has the greatest temperament. Nothing rattles her. She loves everyone and all dogs. I always wanted to do more activities with my dogs. I did many meet and...
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(A Weird and Sort of Spooky) First Person: Klein KNA Xavi

I adopted Klein at Greyhounds in Gettysburg, in Spring 2014. I wanted to adopt a senior black greyhound but I let my Galgo, Iker, choose. He chose Klein. (Those are the BFFs above). I quickly changed Klein’s name to Xavi, after Spanish soccer star Xavi Hernandez. Xavi is smart, active, cuddly, active, affectionate, smart and active....
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