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The Wallflowers

If they were at the prom, they’d be hanging out by the punch bowl, pretty in their dresses and corsages, but a bit quiet, a tad shy. But we promise, if you take Reyna, JoJo or Zettie for a spin on the dance floor, you won’t regret it. These three lovely girls have been in their...
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JoJo Wishes You A Happy Cinco de Mayo!

JoJo, the pretty little saluki mix, says Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to put in an application for her! The little girl is sweet, and, frankly, about as "muy bueno" as a little pup can be! You can put in an application here....
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Georgio — From a Stray in Qatar to Certified Therapy Dog

Melissa Siedenstrang, a certified professional dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen evaluator, had high hopes for Georgio – the handsome, black Saluki she adopted through SHUG. Even though he was young, a bit of a goof and thousands of miles from where he’d been born and abandoned, Melissa believed he could bring joy to others. So,...
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