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Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to the Afghan Mix Puppies

Yes, time flies and the darling Afghan/Ibizan hound puppies from Colorado had their first birthday last week. (Oops, we sort of missed it). But the pupsters’ families didn’t. They did lot of celebrating. And were kind enough to give us some updates. [caption id="attachment_2836" align="alignright" width="300"]That's Murphy on the left and... 			
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Boo, Beth, Beauty and Bobby – An Update

Their mama was a Galga, who had been abandoned to give birth on the streets of Spain. Their papa was a mystery but we suspect he may have been a yellow lab. Galgos del Sol took in the beautiful Galga and her nearly identical 11 -- yes, 11! — cream-colored puppies despite their...
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The Afghan Mix Pups – How Hairy Are They Now?

It was an “oops” breeding in Colorado between an Afghan hound and an Ibizan Hound, and SHUG first took four pups and then another three from the litter of nine. They were active, ranged from cream to red, were impossibly cute and they came with an air of mystery – what would they eventually look...
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