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Have You Hugged a Lurcher Today?

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignright" width="225"]Mia Mia[/caption] Last week the Ohio Lurcher Project asked us if we could take two senior Sighthounds. Lurchers are facing tough conditions in the Midwest and the local Greyhound community has started to take notice. They told us the dogs were 11 and...
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Spotlight On . . . Intrepid

spotlightLet’s give props where they are due – Intrepid, a three-year-old ex-racing Greyhound, is awesome on walks. He doesn’t sniff every blade of grass. He doesn’t pee on every tree. He doesn’t pull or weave back and forth. Intrepid just walks like a true gentleman right...
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Spotlight on . . . Senator

spotlightSL Senator is a 4-year-old former racing greyhound from the track in Mobile, Alabama. He isn't a big boy--but he has a huge heart! And did we mention he's super cute?!   Senator is a “turn key dog.” He is sweet and loving – and will make sure you...
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