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Arkansas Angels: Dottie and Joe Part II

Time and patience, good food, warm blankets, soft voices and the loving attention of other dogs are good medicine. For Joe and Dottie, two mistreated Italian greyhounds from Arkansas, it meant the difference between a happy life and a lonely death.   [caption id="attachment_716" align="alignright" width="213"]Joe got his forever, loving home a few... 			
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Arkansas Angels: Dottie and Joe Part I

This story, like most rescue stories, starts out bad. And then it gets worse.   Dottie and Joe were two Italian Greyhounds living in Arkansas. Their owner moved into a home that didn't allow dogs and the pair soon found themselves living outside. In October. In the cold. With a Nor’easter fast approaching. The Craig’s list ad...
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Spotlight on . . . Lego

spotlightIf you've been paying attention, this story will sound familiar. A Saluki was hit by a car and left for dead by the side of the road . . . one of the wonderful rescue volunteers in Qatar found him and nursed him back to health...
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