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From the Director: First and Fifth

[caption id="attachment_1685" align="alignright" width="218"]Beau and Luke. Or Luke and Beau. We're not sure. Beau and Luke. Or Luke and Beau. We're not sure.[/caption] The two brothers in the picture at right are the first and fifth of six siblings to be adopted. These six Galgo crosses came over in two...
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Foster Friday: Victoria the Great

victoria4Do you like big brown eyes and white fuzzy eyebrows? (Really, who doesn't?) This pretty Galgo from Spain is also a fun girl who loves gentle play time, is good on the leash, does great with other dogs, is sweet with her iggie foster brother and...
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Ode To the Resident Dogs

They come in, often skinny and scared. They may smell funny. They might creep into the best bed. They need attention. They don’t know the house rules. They are the foster dogs.   And the heroes of this scenario are often thought to be the foster parents, who open their lives to this parade of needy pups....
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