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Foster Friday — Handsome Jarno

Jarno, the fawn Galgo, was running wild in the streets of his native Spain and suffering from mange, but he still didn’t get caught easy. He led his would-be rescuers on a long, merry chase that –eventually -- had a happy ending.  Now accustomed to two squares a day, soft dog beds and kind hands,...
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Foster Friday – Alicia, the VERY Good Girl

This little fawn Galga is barely 2 years old, totally housebroken – and cat safe. Her foster mom says, and we’re quoting here “She’s a VERY good girl. I would totally love to trade her for my (resident dog, name removed to protect the innocent).” Foster mom also uses the phrases “love bucket” and “gets along...
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Happy Mother’s Day From Broodmama Settie

Happy Mother’s Day to all the two-legged and four-legged Mom’s out there. We hope that every last one of Settie’s 31 pups – wherever they are – are having a great life and thinking of their sweet Mama on this special day. And . . . if you need another “mom” in your life, Settie...
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