Updated 6 APRIL 2021

Niko has a bite history and will not be placed in a home with small children.

Niko is an estimated 4-5 year old, 65lb Borzoi who was found in Okinawa, Japan. Having been hit by a car and never claimed by his owners, he came to SHUG with no history. We are unsure what his life was like before we found him. Niko is extremely affectionate with the heart of a puppy. Playful and goofball, he always gets everyone to laugh. He loves to smile while getting his belly rubbed and politely sits next to you when he wants to be pet. He follows commands, loves car rides, and loves to be loved. But Niko was obviously not properly socialized as a puppy and he does not have well developed bite inhibition. He will bite when startled and will resource guard food. Niko needs experienced adopters.

Niko is currently fostered in Virginia and his potential adopters must be within driving distance. During COVID we are unable to fly large dogs domestically as cargo.

Niko's adoption fee is $300.

NOTE: If Niko's profile says he is available, he is available. Please do not email or call asking if he is available.

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