Updated 5 DECEMBER 2021

Brace yourselves, here comes the cute. Giza is a tiny little whippet mix from Hawaii. She's 50lbs of trouble in a 20lb body. Giza came to SHUG with a badly broken leg. Unfortunately Giza's injury was at the joint and she is not a candidate for surgery. However, she's improved tremendously with PT and we're looking for a home where she will have the opportunity for a moderate activity level that will help keep her leg strong and limber.

Giza loves everyone...seriously. LOVES. EVERYONE.

That means that she needs canine companions who will be kind to her. She just assumes everyone loves her back. Giza loves to cuddle and has been known to groom her friends incessantly.

Giza is also a vocal girl when she's not receiving attention. She will bark and her bark is a high pitched little dog bark, so she probably isn't a good candidate to be an apartment dog. Although she kind of looks like a miniature GSD, personality-wise she's very whippety or salukish.

Giza is fostered in Indiana and her adoption fee is $300. We are not currently flying dogs domestically as cargo so her prospective adopter will need to come and get her and drive or fly her home.

NOTE: If Giza is still listed as available, then she is still available. We are a 100% volunteer organization and most of us have regular "day jobs". Please do not email or call to ask if she's still available, that's super annoying!

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