Updated 23 NOVEMBER 2021

Figaro is a 2-3 year old, 75 lb borzoi/saluki cross (we think) with separation anxiety (we know). Figaro came to SHUG as an awesome, loving, charming, handsome dog...who becomes a destructive tasmanian devil when left alone. In addition to eating multiple crates, pieces of furniture, and doors, Figaro had also jumped through a window to get into a house and back to his person. Seriously.

Recently Figaro has begun taking Trazadone to help him with his separation anxiety and he's doing amazingly well! The meds help him to be calm for 6-7 hours before wearing off. We would still like to see Figaro go to a family that his home most of the time, but it is a relief to know that you can go out to run errands or to dinner and a movie and not have to worry.

Figaro has lived comfortably with cats and small dogs, but he is an avid squirrel chaser outside and needs a 6ft fence. He is housetrained--although he will not go out in the rain.

Figaro is fostered in Mississippi and his adoption fee is $300. We are not flying large dogs as cargo currently, so potential adopters would need to be within driving distance or accompany him on a flight.

NOTE: If Figaro is still listed as available, then he is still available. We are a 100% volunteer organization and most of us have regular "day jobs". Please do not email or call to ask if he's still available, that's super annoying!

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