Updated 23 NOVEMBER 2021

Cyrus is a young (under 2) saluki boy who came to SHUG from Qatar just before the CDC ban went into effect. Cyrus had a badly twisted back leg with an ACL tear and luxating patella. After undergoing surgery, he is doing much better! Cyrus still limps but his leg is much more stable and the muscle is getting stronger. He does have pins in his leg which do sometimes bother his skin, but generally he's made a great recovery from his surgery and is now ready for his forever home.

Cyrus is a playful guy who is fostered with other dogs and gets along well with everyone.

He is currently fostered in Virginia and his adoption fee is $650. We are not flying dogs domestically as cargo at this time due to the continuing covid restrictions, so his adoptive family needs to be able to come and get him, either by car or air. He can fly if accompanied by a human passenger.

NOTE: Please don't ask us if Cyrus is available if the top of this page says that he is available. We will update the page if his status changes. If you're interested in adoption, the FIRST step is to submit an application.

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