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Dogs are children who never grow up

Dogs are children who never grow up.

They will never help out around the house or do chores. They will never cook you dinner or take out the trash. They will never move out and get their own place.

On the plus side, you're not ever going...

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68 hours and she’s only halfway home

Last night Sunny arrived in her foster home in Indiana after 68 hours of travel. This sweet little brindle girl had a rough start in life, but these days her future is looking as bright as her name.

April 2020 FAQs

We're getting many of the same questions over and over again so here are some FAQs to help get out the information people are asking for:

Is SHUG still adopting during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes! SHUG is up and running. With the abrupt closure of tracks due...

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Yes, we are crazy.

Tofe is on his way to Chicago.

Have you ever driven 12 hours for a dog? Have you ever flown across country and then driven 16 hours for a dog? If the answer is yes, you may be a SHUG person....

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