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2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Goodbye, 2016. Most of us are quite happy to see you go. For many in the SHUG family this year has been especially rough. Personally, globally, no matter how you look at it a lot has happened this year. SHUG saved 100 dogs in 2016 and that's definitely the good. No matter what else this...
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From the Director: How SHUG got an RV!

You may have seen our recent GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy SHUG an RV. In the last two and a half years our volunteers have transported over three hundred dogs! Until now we've done this in our personal vehicles--up to 6 dogs at a time plus humans! In addition to the chaos of...
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First Person – Transports Don’t Just Happen

SHUG appears to do a good job of moving dogs from foster homes to forever homes, from foster homes to airports, from foster homes to foster homes. But while we may do a good job, it is far from effortless. Case in point: The Anni and Newly transport. This is how it came to be. Read more