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From the Director: Before and After

It's all in the ears. Those of us who know and love Podencos will tell you that one of the most unique and spectacular things about them are their ears. They're expressive. They're beautiful. And they're BIG! Podenco ears are unmistakable and we've definitely seen some fantastic ones here at SHUG. (Yes, I'm thinking of...
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From the Director: Meet Gala!

As most of our supporters know by now, SHUG has a flat adoption fee of $650 for imported dogs. Our average cost per dog is around $850, so we subsidize our adoptions through donations and our various fundraisers. The $850 includes the dog's airfare ($200-400), their crate ($35-200), the shelter's fee to cover their vaccinations...
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Foster Friday: Copa on Canvas

Copa looks good in oil (courtesy of his foster mom, the painter). He also looks good in person. His foster mom reports the young Podenco from Spain has been blossoming since his arrival and is really coming out of his shell. He’s now a silly, goofy, very playful dog -- when he’s not sitting still...
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