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From the Director: Meet Gala!

As most of our supporters know by now, SHUG has a flat adoption fee of $650 for imported dogs. Our average cost per dog is around $850, so we subsidize our adoptions through donations and our various fundraisers. The $850 includes the dog's airfare ($200-400), their crate ($35-200), the shelter's fee to cover their vaccinations...
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First Person: Breathing Easy After Trusting My Gut

It was a Saturday, and Sophie, my Galga was breathing a little oddly -- a bit fast and shallow. She would occasionally hack a little too. I gave her Benadryl, thinking maybe her time outside had triggered some allergy. She was not any better the next day, so I took her to the emergency vet. He...
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From the Director: It’s Beautiful . . . And I Hate It

There's a new book coming out in the fall about Galgos. By Martin Usborne, “Where Hunting Dogs Rest” will highlight the plight and the beauty of the Galgos of Spain. From the images I've already seen online and in articles like this one in the Washington Post, it is a well-written book full of...
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