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Screw you, Cancer. We won.

When I first met Winter the Borzoi over two years ago, I knew immediately that he had osteosarcoma. I'd been working with Greyhounds for a decade and I'd seen a lot of osteo. The night I picked him up I drove Winter straight to the vet They were able to make him comfortable and we...
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In Loving Memory of Tonka

We don't know Tonka's whole story. In fact, we know less than a week of it. But what we do know is that he was sweet and handsome and deserved so much better. We can't change Tonka's ending, but we can make sure we never forget. Last Thursday we found out about a Borzoi needing...
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First Person: Winter TallDog’s Happily Ever After

First Person: Winter TallDog’s Happily Ever After Winter is a two-year-old Borzoi who came to SHUG with a diagnosis of bone cancer. Unable to send him to the bridge without ever knowing the love of a family, SHUG Director Michael Owens OK’d an amputation, raised the funds for his medical care, and crossed her fingers...
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Foster Friday – Uzzy, the Special Needs Borzoi

For today’s Foster Friday, we turn to Uzzy to speak for himself . . . I’d like to introduce myself. I am an 11-year-old Borzoi with some grey on his muzzle who still has a lot of interest in sticking around and trying out dog beds for some time to come. I do have my challenges,...
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