Updated 12 AUGUST 2021

In January Candy arrived at Paradise Rescue Kennels with her puppies. She was very thin and covered in wounds, but she was a fantastic mother to both her puppies, and to Peanut, the little podenco/galgo orphan slipped into her brood. In June SHUG sent Candy's puppies, including Peanut, to their forever homes in the US. Now it is Candy's turn.

This beautiful girl is not super cuddly, but she will come to you for loving on her own terms. She's never had an accident in her foster home. She will yell at the pushy boys if they get too close--she's very done with all of that stuff--but once they back off she totally ignores them.

Candy is an easy dog and would work in almost any situation where her boundaries were respected. I wouldn't place her with very small children or bouncy puppies, but she's lived happily with dogs under 10lbs. She hasn't met cats, except through the fence, but didn't seem excited. This sweet momma is retired and looking for a soft bed to call her own.

Candy is currently scheduled to fly into JFK on September 21st and is looking for an adopter who can meet her there.

Candy's adoption fee is $650 and that does include her flight to JFK.

NOTE: If this post says that Candy is available, then please don't call or write asking if Candy is available. If you're interested in adoption, submit an application using the link above.

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