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You have responsibilities. Stay home.

People ask me all the time if adoption fees are tax deductible. For that you have to ask an accountant. What I can tell you is that the dog you have adopted is not an asset. You didn't get something for your adoption fee that will ever make you rich. You've signed a...

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WTF, 2020?

I would love to close the door on this year and never look back. Can we just pretend 2020 was all a horrible dream?

Sadly, no. We can't pretend the last 12 months didn't happen because we will have to live with the changes it has wrought for many years...

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Charles – Available

Updated 30 December 2020

Charles has a bite history.

Now that we've got that out of the way, Charles is a large Borzoi, about 100lbs, and 5 years old. He's very sweet and affectionate and friendly with people and other dogs in new situations. He does,...

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68 hours and she’s only halfway home

Last night Sunny arrived in her foster home in Indiana after 68 hours of travel. This sweet little brindle girl had a rough start in life, but these days her future is looking as bright as her name.

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