Updated 4 August 2021

Aquila will NOT be placed in a home with children. He's obviously been treated poorly in the past and if he thinks you're trying to hurt him, he will scratch or nip. He also will not be placed as an only dog.

Aquila is a 2 year old smooth saluki from Qatar.  He’s very shy with new people--especially women--but likes other dogs and to play with stuffy toys, chew on antlers, and play outside with the other dogs. He’s okay with being crated, but he needs another playful dog to be happy.  He’s intelligent and good in the house.  

This sensitive boy seems to warm up much faster to men, but even with women he will seek out love and affection once he's feeling comfortable. It's taken him 2-3 weeks to feel comfortable enough to cuddle up against his foster mom for a snuggle. Aquila is a sweet boy, but he's not an easy one. He needs an adopter who is willing to put in the work to make him feel safe.

Aquila is currently fostered in Indiana and his potential adopters must be within driving distance. During the current restrictions we are unable to fly large dogs domestically as cargo.

Aquila's adoption fee is $650.

NOTE: If Aquila's profile says he is available, he is available. Please do not email or call asking if he is available.

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